I pray for the families of the victims of the cowardly attack in France. The losers implied that they were in some way successful because they ended the lives of 12 courageous journalists and law enforcement personnel prematurely.  The losers are not just cowards, they are stupid too. I would gladly face any offended muslim in single combat. I am in no danger of being taken up on that offer, as their style is dastardly sneak attacks on people who can’t fight back, like say a goat.


They claim to have avenged for allah and the prophet on the offending cartoons. I should say first that allah and the prophet are so in need of others fighting their battles for them because they are dead. My God is alive. I don’t take revenge. I will repay, says the Lord. That said, there is no better way to get a wider circulation for the images you choose to “avenge” than by making noise about them. Like me, millions googled them. They are good. I flunked french: couldn’t make the nasal sounds with my strong South Philly accent: imagine Rocky Balboa playing Inspector Closeau on the Pink Panther. I don’t get the captions but they look funny as hell. I will include a selection of the best satirical muslim cartoons I could find. I would suggest you RT and distribute them as widely as possible. They can’t shoot all of us.

The postmodern secular French are a kind of sleeping giant that will awake. The editor knew his life was in danger and this may happen. He said he would rather die on his feet than on his knees. I don’t know, but I think he suspected his last service to his cause might be as a peaceful gandhi like martyr to help end the muslim oppression.

On a related note, President Obama made a statement some months back about his position regarding the muslim jihad.


So glad he clarified things and discouraged violence, just like he did in Ferguson and with Trayvon (he says with dripping sarcasm.)

It is probably insensitive and not the right time to make this argument indepth, but supposing the editor had a glock things may have ended differently. Supposing the French police had more than a whistle and dirty look in their trick bag, it could have ended differently.


Please enjoy these pictures. Share them in honor of free speech’s martyrs.










Dear Incoming Politician,

I want you to understand one thing: this goes for conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and the whole range of mutants.  You may think you have risen to leadership because you have ability, vision, divine mandate, or perhaps leadership ability. Your best chance of success is to fully understand that it just ain’t so. You have risen to political power because you are an idiot. In the distant past, our democratic republic system of government was a sort of character based natural selection, a merit system of leadership. It just ain’t so anymore. You aren’t George Washington, you ain’t even know Jack Kennedy— you are a child king and a spoiled one, a little lord fault-le-roy on steroids. They say identifying the problem is half the solution: if you could recognize your own many and immense shortcomings, perhaps you could leave some of the hubris in your wet dreams, dig in and learn something, do something good.

You are an idiot, recruited to high office not by high ideals but by high cheekbones. How you look on camera is so much more important these days than how you look on the inside. High ideals are a negative: if you actually have your own ideas, the puppet masters and lobbyists have so little to work with.

You are an idiot, pursuing high office to get rich—like most all career politicians, democrat, republican and independent.  Back in the day, it was the exact opposite of this. Politicians pledged their life, their liberty, their “sacred honor” -got poor in office, not rich. George Washington paid troops from his personal funds at least once when the Congress couldn’t do it. He didn’t want to be President- but his country needed him. Sacred Honor has been replaced by “sacred hubris.” Perhaps this is some outgrowth of the self esteem movement, one reaps what one sows.

In closing, dear politician, I don’t have high hopes for you. I have more hope in the weight of your enormous egos producing a seismic event causing Washington DC to collapse into the ocean than I do in your recognizing what a complete tool you are and giving us anything. My biggest hope is that you will dither and fight and do nothing, and allow the revolution time to begin.

Oh, no worries, it would be a non violent revolt, provided you didn’t resist by jailing us or taking our guns. It would be an information revolution coming to government, “anonymous” only with character. People are talking, connecting. More people are beginning to see all of the time.  One day, a man as smart but as butt ugly as Abraham Lincoln will be able to arise, despite his cheek bones, freakish height, and rambling windy speaking style. A man or a woman with ideas. Forget the first black president or woman president, I want the first president in about a hundred years with ideas character and a brain.

Enjoy your day. Go take in a movie. Go see “The Mockingjay” Seems to me their might be a message in there for you somewhere, art imitates life–or is it the other way around?

Best Regards

Iam Danger


What if the solution to our terrorism problem was right under our noses?

What if our current tactics and strategies were akin to Paul Bunyan trying a sharper ax to beat the machine, or the swordsman sharpening his blade to better fight the helicopter gunship?

I was challenged to think differently on problem solving by a very interesting book  I would recommend called “Thinkertoys.” (The book is not about terrorism, but about thinking creatively.)

I came up with what may be a useful idea. JFK  visited the walled and seiged city of Berlin during the cold war. He famously said: I am a berliner. We are all berliners—  

Perhaps we are all counter terrorists.

There are things we can all do, beyond submission to random cavity searches at airports.

Let me give you a few terrorism facts few would dispute, then go into how you can be a counter-terrorist without jumping out of airplanes with a rifle and your game face on. This may even be a liberal friendly idea, for liberals who can read.

Terrorists use the media the way a computer virus uses a network.

Watching CNN in the airport, one would think the terrorists run the network.

Terrorism is less about the act and more about the media impact.

I don’t want to offend anyone directly hurt or involved in being a victim of a bombing by minimizing their loss. I am saying that the bomb that kills 5 scares billions, terrorizes the world.

Bad news generates more revenue than good news

You don’t see Mother Teresa’s on the news near as much as you see Miley Cyrus’s.

Judeo-Christian ethics discourage being a braggart

Jesus said that if you brag about it, you get your reward here on earth. Read Matthew 23. You will get the idea even supposing you sustained self inflicted brain damage through drug use or attendance at a liberal arts college. Even pagan people get that if you do good anonymously it is about the cause, if you put your name all over it, its about you. We don’t want to be flashy in our giving, and possibly offend the person in need who is struggling with accepting help.

If Osama Bin Laden can plan and execute a spectacle of hate, perhaps sane people like us can plan a spectacle of love. If they can do a bomb of hate that destroys, why can’t we do a love bomb that builds up?

One obvious challenge is it is easier to destroy than create. A goat herder with a credit card can blow something up, it takes an engineer to build. Another is that many churches and non-profits already do wonderful things never seen on the news. I would say that strategically we have a historic opportunity to make good news headlines through shrewd use of marketing tactics used on you and your kids every Christmas: surprise, deceptive advertising, freebies.

A flash mob of white people assembles in public places with no warning and reads MLK’s speech and sings spirituals and christmas carols.

Small business owners looted in the Ferguson terrorism orchestrated by Al Sharpton are loved on in a coordinated lovefest with “simultaneous attacks” of love and goodwill. The wronged business owners are set up in business in new communities in an “extreme makeover” -esque event. The private sector cost would be significant. Unlike any government program, it would pay off. I like the poetic justice of Ferguson not getting back the businesses they treated with such evil intent.

The next time (and yes it is certain to come) an ISIS inspired muslim extremist lunatic executes cops or does a random act of violence, we have the following plan in place through a covert network of citizen-counter terrorists linked on the internet.  We leak to the press that a muslim group of peace activists is going to hold a vigil on the site of the murder and all peace loving muslims are encouraged to attend, wear a yellow shirt to show solidarity. Our group shows up in flash mob style wearing blue shirts identifying us as Christians and non-muslims, and we kill a pig on the site where the terrorist did his deed and drench it in blood, pray and provide a check from our funds to the victims. Supposing peaceloving muslims show and the liberals are right, it will make a great heart warming visual.

Some of these things will require commitment and irritate people. Some will be dangerous.  All of these things require creativity greater than myself, and ideas from others. Some of the edgier ideas I have that need help to be effective are listed next:

— Call a news network and imply there is going to be a terror attack at a time and place, but instead use the media attention to do a flashy events that gets a positive message out: Perhaps one dollar bills are dropped on a crowded stadium with leaflets.

—  Pick the worst crack house infested neighborhood in your town. Open a portable lemonade stand. Bring a crowd. Expect trouble, and passively resist. Ideally the criminals come out to harass you and the cops are forced to arrest them instead of ceding the territory like they do now. One likely result: The Mayor is pissed you made him do his job and rather than pursue criminals he pursues you for having a lemonade stand without a license. You actually want that to happen. You have your legal and marketing team’s plan ready to execute to publically draw attention to what goes on and make an ass of the Mayor in national media, which will get headlines to promote the cause.

— I have lost 2 parents to terminal cancer, and some close friends. When I go, I want it to be like in that Bon Jovi song, in a blaze of glory, “staring down a bullet I will make my final stand” Lord willing. Perhaps a kind of radical hospice would be to send volunteers to ISIS to publically profess their Christian faith and demand to be publically executed. Nothing ISIS could do in their wildest evil fantasies could compare to the suffering they would endure in their coming murder by cancer or chemo. It would make a mockery of ISIS use of murder having volunteers. It would make a great news story and again, a team could use it to promote a positive message.

This is an immature idea. If you want to share your creativity and  be in on the ground floor of getting a mature corrected version of this idea kicked off, share with me your criticism, your ideas, and your talents.

I haven’t been posting much lately because frankly— my momma (now cancer ravaged dead momma) always told me if you didn’t have anything good to say to say nothing at all. I have been discouraged on a number of levels, many personal and career, but also with politics. We won an election on a conservative platform, and it seems like it is 8 years ago all over again, a bait and switch, our candidates public statements indicate they are running to the left just as fast as they can. Obama needs impeached. No one has the balls to do it.

I am however, coming out of my funk, encouraged by grass roots technology enabled ideas—like this counter terrorism idea.

Happy New Year.


George Orwell wrote a classic futuristic work called “1984.”  It is so prescient we forgive him the fact that it took a bit longer than 1984 to see abortion on demand institutionalized, and so on.

Perhaps I can be forgiven calling my 2014 year in review post 1984. It was like a whole dark ages epoch microwaved and condensed into a single period. It was 1984, or maybe 1974.

We have the first black president –whom I would like to propose a new nickname. Let’s just call him “G.”

In inner city slang G is like saying “dude” or “buddy”  It’s origin is as shorthand for “Government Check.”

2014 saw more government checks written and cashed by G than ever before. G has spent more in his ersatz monarchy than all previous administrations combined.

It is the fake recovery, the second coming of  the worst of Jimmy Carter in a zombie liplock with the worst Richard Nixon—Obama scandals are Watergate.on steroids.

Even common sense liberals are starting to see through Obama. If I were a liberal and didn’t have to be so PC, I might say the jig is up—so I won’t.

I would be credibly accused of race baiting, but incredibly our President
says Trayvon could have been his son and all sorts of race baiting and is not held to account for what he has done to race relations in this country. G makes me sick.

I have liberal friends who are basically one issue political activists: no war. They supported Obama to see him advocate war in Syria and basically take the worst of W’s policies and double down on them.

G has his G – his government check and is disrupting weddings so he can play through from what I read in the news.

G is the worst president in history


A couple stories in the news this week highlight that American foreign policy is not just foolish, but inconsistent
and illogical.  It is unfortunately a bipartisan phenomenon.  Let’s take a look at the upside down world of politics versus reality with regard to North Korea, and then Cuba.

North Korea

North Korean state sponsored hackers got into Sony to upset the release of a movie they didn’t like. Everyone in the press and the politicians are acting like they just bombed Pearl Harbor. People are crying that free speech has been impuned because Sony chose to delay releasing the picture. Are we insane?

The last time I went to the movies, I had  to pay to get in: not free speech. I know democrats have alot of confusion about where the limits of government end, but the last I checked with republicans and other sane people, sony was not the government or anything to do with national security. Sony could still release the movie. Our national security team of hackers (it is my guess I have no inside scoop) are on top of this and enjoying it a little: they got the neantherthal hackers from North Korea to showcase their best stuff in a silly attack on Hollywood, and are learning alot from it.  Attacking the leftists in Hollywood plays out so well politically for American NSA types I wonder outloud if they somehow engineered it. Hollywood is quite the political lobby. The danger to NSA funding from scandals may cease, and may actually have folks saying it should increase.

All in all, I am more afraid of Barack Obama’s tactics than Kim jun ill’s—and I am not sure which one is crazier.

If you started talking in general about a dictator not liking a movie and trying to kill it and punish the makers of it, I would think you were talking about Obama and the YouTube video that he allegedly thought caused a riot in Benghazi. I might think you were talking about Dinesh D’Souza being thrown in jail after making “America” for a clerical error that amounted to about 10 grand, while Al Sharpton cheated the government out of millions on taxes and goes to the White House more often than Yassar Arafat visited Clinton—which is alot.


Earlier I referred to republicans as sane people. The Cuba story might make me reconsider. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Opening with Cuba is not a bad thing. They kill people and have human rights violations. I would wager China kills more political prisoners annually than Castro has people and we trade with them. If we should embargo Cuba, we should break it off with China, Saudi Arabia, and a list of others. It is called engagement. It is a republican idea. Many are against it for one reason: Obama did it, it must be wrong. I am not a fan of Obama, but his actions need to be judged on their merit.


John McCain is all the proof you need that torture works: a few opinion polls turn him into an undercover liberal democrat. For that matter, look at the multitude of politicians who change after they get to DC.

We are side tracked. We are debating “does enhanced interrogation work” when we should be debating “do I want to empower my government to use this technique–and under what circumstances.”

Debating “does enhanced interrogation work” is like debating behavioral theory. Do rewards and penalties motivate people? When you burn yourself by grabbing the hot stove, does it hurt and are you less likely do it again?

You might as well do away with the penal system and give kids group grades in school (wait a minute—the liberals are pushing for that too.)

Liberals and conservatives should be able to agree on the simple point that it works.

Conservatives worried about big government should be very concerned not about does it work but is it rare, is it controlled, is it done only to save lives for national security reasons.

Let me put bells and whistles on it:

Suppose the political winds switch again. We have Hillary Clinton as President. She appoints the Obama’s as Supreme Court Justices-the historic first black couple on the court. There is a democrat super-majority in the Senate. Bill Clinton is in charge of the United Nations.

You are out peacefully protesting the reinstatement of the draft as the military mission has been changed from the war on terrorism to the war to save the planet, and insufficient numbers are signing up to go plant daisies in Kenya. You are arrested and based on your record, the administration wants information on conseratives to disrupt the protests so they water board you to find out who your contacts are. They consider it a matter of National Security, which for a liberal is equivalent to Job Security looking at the IRS and NSA. Are you good with the government having enhanced interrogation with no limits now?


The double standard is compelling. Liberals call for lapel cameras on cops to prove they are doing right, but producing identification to vote is discriminatory.

Where is the lapel camera on Hillary during Benghazi?

I want to see the lapel camera on Bill Clinton that proves he didn’t have sex with that woman.

The truth be known, we don’t need a lapel camera on Obama. He runs to every available camera. There is a digital mile of video of lie after lie, but it is ignored by the media.

I like the lapel camera idea for cops in the sense that it would prove that a cop wasn’t out “hunting a gentle giant.” I also know that video can be artfully clipped to tell the story you want to tell. A whole new version of the “cops” TV show could be built around it.

Police officer is a highly trained, high integrity position. It is not a job, it is a calling. No young person ever aspired to get rich by being a police officer. If you need a camera on a police officer, it is an insult. It is an inadvertent admission of guilt.

How about we put cameras on felons? Or liberals for that matter?

Let’s save the cost of the camera’s and throw more money at the NSA, they may have the whole thing on high res video from a spy satellite anyway.

Where is the lapel camera on Al Sharpton as he plots race riots?  What would Obama’s lapel camera show besides analysis of his golf swing?

I want that lapel camera that catches what liberals say in their closed fundraisers.


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