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Obama and I are finally on the same page, aligned, brothers of different mothers.

He would disagree but then again, how does he know what he thinks– the polling data isn’t back yet.

I have long contended that not only do we not need the large over arching all incompassing jack booted Federal government we have, but that government does not even need to be full time. Congress started as a board of directors meeting that now never ends.  I also have been accused of being either an isolationist or a war hawk. I simply do not believe fighting in half measures does anyone any good.

Obama has supported my part time idea as possibly the first in decades part time President.

He has really sold my ideas for foreign policy by doing the exact opposite–and causing the world to go to hell in a flaming hand basket.

Someday we will look back on the Obama years and laugh—- if we survive them.

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Yes, I am a pirate two hundred years too late.
The cannons don’t thunder there’s nothin’ to plunder
I’m an over forty victim of fate
Arriving too late, arriving too late.
- Jimmy Buffett, Pirate looks at 40

Jimmy Buffett has some really fun feel good songs, but his lyrics are sometimes just a little off.

One is right on time in 2014 to be a pirate. The tools of the trade have been improved and modernized.

– instead of a cutlass, one carries a law degree

– instead of joining the crew of a ship, one joins the government.

– The Jolly Roger is hoisted by 24 hour news networks and always plays the same cruel joke, calling the ones being robbed pirates….

There was a time when what we pay in tax would be called a tribute, or protection money.  What is the difference? accountability. Suppose every boondoggle had to be enumerated when you paid taxes. It couldn’t be done. Your sponsorship of studying how monkeys act on meth would be impossible to show.

Politicians don’t mean to admit they are pirates stealing from you, but they can’t help it. They even call the bills they use to spend your money appropriations bill. Appropriate- look it up in a thesaurus, it is a synonym of steal.

They get rich doing it too. Check out opensecrets.org some time, it tells you how rich.

Capitalism is alive and well, it has shifted to a cannibalistic version where money changes hands and nothing is produced. The capitalism of money is replaced by the social capitalism of “pull.”

Such capitalism is not sustainable.

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This is an outstanding article from Kevin D Williamson. He nails it.

Pay close attention to his bridge building analogy, that is the same basic concept behind a couple of my “dangerous ideas” –  fantasy government, the inverse poll tax, and etc.


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There is a literary classic by author Ayn Rand called “Atlas Shrugged.” It is regaining popularity for a number of reasons. The two main reasons seem to be a recent series of movies made depicting the book, and the second being dire predictions Rand made about collectivism seem to be coming true around us.

This isn’t about the movies. I haven’t seen the movies, but expect them to be horrible (they are too long.)

Ayn Rand is the founder of a movement called collectivism. Rand was an interesting, heroic person: survivor of an antisemitic purge as a child who lost her family, self taught in English, typing, and novel writing.

Why Jesus shrugged? Ayn Rand led me to Jesus.

I may have left out when summarizing Rand’s professional accomplishments that she was an avowed atheist, and quite vocal in that regard. I suspect she was deeply scarred from the horrors of hiding behind a false back in a coat closet while her family and everyone she knew was tortured and killed. Her writings led me to Jesus, I never knew her personally. I ask only acceptance from the atheists who might find this offensive.

Ayn Rand’s teachings are largely regarded to be in opposition to Christianity, especially by the Objectivism advocates, the movement she founded. It is a little humorous. The Objectivism Institute is a collective, like the ones objectivists rail against. I have been told I can’t join because I have embraced one religion they all partake in and won’t worship the one god they worship: the religion being atheism and the one god being self.

The teachings aren’t in conflict. Take money. Rand says people should be good stewards of it. So does Jesus.

Jesus says to store up treasures in heaven.

You see? We are talking exchange rates here, the production is the same. A Christian missionary is in a sense seeking to be a heavenly millionaire.

Rand (through her characters) rail against those “religious” who say money is the root of all evil. She goes on to say money is the root of all good.

Jesus never said money was evil. He said the “love of” money was the root of all evil.

Jesus talked so much about money we should think of him less as a carpenter and more as a financial advisor. The parable of the talents could have been slipped into the manuscript of Atlas Shrugged and fit right in.

Hank Rearden didn’t love money. He loved achieving, creating wealth–money was just how you kept score. The collectivists who wanted to take his money — they loved money.

Rand takes heat from the left and the religious right for perhaps her seminal work: “The Virtue of Selfishness.”

I want to avoid meaninglessly pedantic arguments. (Christians aren’t selfish for helping others in order to go to heaven, anymore than atheists aren’t selfish for their feelings of altruism.) Let’s nail it down to a specific often cited example.

Rand argues that we shouldn’t feed the starving in Africa. Our guilt offerings merely prolong the suffering into new generations.

Jesus says similar stuff in the Bible. He says that before you build a tower you should count the cost. He says God doesn’t want our guilt offerings, they offend him. Where Jesus is revolutionary is he says we should love our brothers in Africa.

Where do I come down? I have been to Africa doing famine relief. Jesus commanded us to love, to donate our resources. I personally observed the guilt offerings, those supplies taken at the point of a gun by government as foriegn aid did harm, ultimately funding bloodshed.

Blaise Pascal has an amazing quote where he says there is a God shaped hole in everyone.

Ayn Rand is Jesus– robotically, without the love.

Atlas shrugged and left the world. Jesus shrugged and entered it. Rand got revenge on the collectivists, Jesus gives them a chance to escape the eternal flames.

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Obama suffers from a real lack of originality. There is nothing new under the sun, like it says in the Bible.

I would like to propose a new game show–call it a take off on what’s my line. I would call it “he didn’t say that” Obama claims we didn’t build that—he is not even original enough to be more than a two dimensional villian in a classic novel.

There is a saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. If we had learned anything from history, Obama couldn’t get elected dog catcher. I would propose if we could learn the encapsulated “type” history in classic novels, we would be much further ahead. I would focus on 3 classics:

Atlas Shrugged, 1984, and animal farm.

A typical question would be:

The anti-dog eat dog rule to make fairer competition was enacted

A- by Obama
B- in Atlas Shrugged
C- in 1984
D- in Animal Farm

You would have the opportunity to double your points by identifying cases where there was more than one answer–like when both Obama’s government and the one in Atlas Shrugged demanded banks loan money to people based on need or it was discrimination.

Would you buy such a game? Could it be a good home school curriculum addition? Do you have any questions I can add?

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There was an old TV commercial selling some kind of over-priced cologne, perfume or other flowery stink juice. It had a memorable tag line:

“If you want to get someone’s attention, whisper.”

I get sidetracked by actually using logic: the irony of this commerical is they didn’t go out and whisper, they bought a boatload of TV time, shouting it over the airwaves—a very active loud shout about whispering, an oxymoron not unlike military intelligence, government assistance, or good gossip. The world knows nothing of getting someone’s attention through a whisper, and feels no shame in promoting itself with a concept it does not grasp.

God speaks to us through the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and experience. We experience God through “the still small voice.”

To paraphrase John, the darkness has not understood this.

A recent best selling book turned money making movie is called “Heaven is Real.” It claims God spoke to a 4 year old boy and that he saw heaven. It is the modern protestant version of the very Catholic “Our Lady of Fatima.”


People can talk for hours providing opinions on the validity of such a claim. It just doesn’t matter.

God speaks through a still small voice. It is not what he whispered to a 4 year old, but what he said to you: do you know his voice?

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Posted: September 26, 2014 in Conservative

I am a conservative to the right of, well, probably you. I support the military, American exceptionalism, and free markets. I believe in taking care of the environment, was sympathetic to global warming alarmists until I saw the data, and not just the lack of it but the cooking of it. I think ISIS is a major threat to our national security. I am against any and all air strikes against them. Let me explain my position, and perhaps help you see the light. I will start with a brief anecdote.

I got in many fights growing up. I didn’t start any of them. I was an Irish kid in an Italian neighborhood–believe me it comes with the territory. I lost one fight. This kid tried to bully me. I was tired of fighting. I didn’t really want to kick another kid’s ass, then I had to kick his brother’s butt, his cousin’s tail, then he had an older brother who would pick on me and my big brother would beat him down—everyone was a relation but us in this crazy Italian neighborhood. When he pushed me I laughed out loud. Rather than hit him I pushed him down, sat on his chest and calmly reasoned with him. He begged me to let him up. Said he was done, tapped out. I let him up and he cold cocked me, gave me a bloody lip. His Mom came running out of the house and started shoving me and slapping me. I lost, but probably more to his Mommy than him. Many years later, I still fantasize about a rematch.

The moral is obvious, but I will explain it anyway. When you are going to fight, fight. Air strikes are like bringing a knife to a gun fight.  We are better off taking their crap than poking them with a few bombs and no strategy, that will just prolong suffering and stir up opposition.

It is obvious that the only real strategy behind the air strikes relates to election polling data. To pretend we are doing something kills further exploration for a real solution

If smashing ISIS is necessary, here is a plan. Nuke Iran’s WMD’s. Send an occupying force into Iraq. Make it a US territory or colony  If they don’t like it,a 100 percent effective hearts and minds campaign would be to make it a sparsely populated colony by killing the terrorists. If we don’t have the stomach to do what needs done with an ROE that kills bad people and blows stuff up, we should start studying the Koran and putting our affairs in order.

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