Rand Paul Has Led Fight to Keep U.S. Troops Out of Civil War in Syria


Obama is sending troops. The same Obama who criticized George W Bush for sending troops.

Obama has escalated wars, endless wars through his actions. I would say through his foreign policy, but he doesn’t seem to have one. GITMO is open, spying on Americans is worse.

Obama has doubled down on the worst actions of past presidents. Carter ushered in the modern age of terrorism by running off the Shah of Iran for freedom for the Democratic “students” who stormed the US embassy and took hostages. Benghazi Hillary and communist sanders want to double down on this and continue the cycle of failure

Stand with Rand


Politics are on my mind this thanksgiving. There is no political solution to our problems. My hope does not rest in the government, but in Jesus. There is a spiritual solution. We wouldn’t elect immoral dishonest Presidents if we weren’t overlooking their flaws. We wouldn’t give politicians a pass if we didn’t give ourselves a pass.


Paul- Trump 2016

I am encouraged that we have candidates that are hated by the political class. It is not clear if the candidates are hated more by the opposing party or our own party’s establishment class.  This is so encouraging. There was a story a week or so ago where the establishment wanted to draft previous loser Romney. GOP funds adds against Trump.

I like Trump. I would support whomever the GOP nominee turns out to be, as there is no democrat alternative.  Sanders is an honest communist, Hillary a corrupt dishonest communist. I would sooner vote for Putin.

I stand with Rand. He is my candidate.  He is extremely smart. He is well spoken, passionate, and a nerd like me. From reading his book, I think his one deficiency is in perfectionism on how he expresses himself. He is strong on defense and tough on drugs. He doesn’t come across that way in sound bites due to the complexity of some of his arguments and his love for freedom.  Example: he wants us to pay for the bullets we use. People in Congress find this concept foreign and unpatriotic.

I love Donald Trump. What I love most is the people he makes angry are people I can’t stand.  Cruz and Rubio, the other two guys up in the polls? Posers. Cruz is Trump lite. Rubio is Christie lite sans scandal. Rubio or Christie could be democrats with but a few minor changes in their positions. Rubio wears too much make up. I have trouble being objective with him because his appearance and manner of speech, he reminds me of one of the kids I used to beat up in school in my younger days.

My Dream team is Paul-Trump. I wish they would stop attacking each other. Paul is the brain, Trump is the brawn.  Trump is criticized for not giving details. Paul has details. Look at Paul’s position in the polls and you can see the wisdom in Trump’s blitzkrieg scorched reporters strategy. They want details not because they seek to understand, but because they seek sound bites to use to advantage in their closed reporter minds.

Debates at this point? Pretty stupid. There is minor differences in policy. Bottom line, we need to take everything Obama did and do the exact opposite and the country would be pleased.

Leave you with a closing thought. Suppose you are the Human Resources Director for a large enterprise. You have someone’s resume. You are trying to decide which candidate to whom you would make an offer. The company is tanking and prior to your selection, your marching orders are to not promote from within but get “outside talent.”

Hillary Clinton? Inside talent. No experience in leadership. Lied on her resume

Bernie Sanders? Inside talent. No outside experience

Trump? Years of experience making billions, employing thousands. No actual experience in public office

Paul? Congressman, Senator, experience running a small business ( eye doctor) doctorate

I would narrow it down to Trump and Paul.

You really are the HR Director. You just have millions of co-directors who are going to vote too.

Stand with Rand




Rand Paul says:

If we are to eradicate ISIS once and for all, it’s time to take a hard look at what is fueling its growth: money. ISIS’s reserve of an estimated $2 billion makes it the world’s most well-financed terrorist organization.

Our President Obama had another Neville Chamberlain moment and declared ISIS contained prior to the Paris attacks. He still refers to ISIS as the JV team.

I think what Obama means is he supports the Varsity team, Al Qaeda–who recently killed some ISIS leaders with suicide bombs.

Rand Paul follows the money. He gets to the heart of the matter. He has been saying this for a long time. Trump is listening and now he says it too. Will he give credit where credit is due?

Let’s get an adult in the WhiteHouse.


Hello, I am back. I have taken a little sabbatical from blogging.

Why did I stop? Nothing left to say?

Plenty to say, no one listening. With millions of bloggers, my mission to spread my ideas and opinions wasn’t even a drop in a very big ocean. It was egocentric and pompous. I have a new purpose.

I re-boot this thing with humility and hard knocks lessons.  I am no longer writing my opinions. Excuse the expression, but: “opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one.”

The veracity of my opinions in the end aren’t nearly as important as the veracity and functionality of my asshole.

I blog again because the next Presidential election is very important. We need to bounce back from this flirting with disaster before it is too late.

I am sold out for Rand Paul for President.

Yeah, I know. He is down in today’s polls. I will unashamedly jump on the bandwagon of the next best hope for America if Paul ends up not winning the nomination. I love Trump, liked Cruz alot in the last debate, will hold my nose and stump for Rubio if I have to ( hope it doesn’t come to that)

I am mostly through reading Paul’s campaign book. I met him in person. We aren’t “tight” or anything—I saw him speak and got to get a picture with him you could see on my personal Facebook:


Met him briefly, but he wouldn’t know me from Adam.

Yeah, made up ” I am Danger” to be separate from my liberal leaning family and employer, but hey—this is too important not to go “all in.”

In this first post on my campaign to get an adult to be the President, I have one thing I want to focus on that I think is a great misconception people have on Paul:

Despite the attacks and labelling, he is not an isolationist.

He just has a novel idea for politicians: before you do something, you should count the cost. You should fund the stuff you plan to do. That simple.

Like: perhaps if you invade a country like Iraq, the plan should include keeping the oil to pay for it and having a massive presence and base. If put in those terms, I would have been in favor of the war and Paul would have been against it—but we both would have been for a little thing called logic—not this middle way that leads to chaos.

Let’s face it: Obama is a fool, an idiot and a traitor. We need to turn this thing around. We are on the road to serfdom, and we are speeding.

I no longer care if Hillary goes to jail, I just want her out of leadership of any kind.

Rand Paul for President.


I am coming out right now with my endorsement early so I can get all of you folks to be believers and get on board.  I prefer Paul- Trump, but Trump-Paul wouldn’t be so bad either. Donnie and Randy has a ring to it, kind of like Donnie and Marie.

I wouldn’t vote for Christie. He is a democrat. Don’t be fooled.  Jeb Bush? Are you serious? Are we a monarchy now? Are we rolling out fresh ideas like Bush Clinton? We might as well ask England if we can cancel the American Revolution and pay them taxes instead, God save the queen

I would run down all 16 other candidates, but what is the point?  If I were to ask you to list all 16 GOP candidates – and take your phone away so you couldn’t google it, how many would you get?  And you are the smart people, you read. I don’t just mean you read my posts which I would like to think means you are above average in intelligence, I mean you read period.

The number one rule of modern politics is this:

People are stupid.

Trump and Paul both say enough bombastic things to keep the stupid engaged. They sometimes make them less stupid, and make them think.

On a related note, they both have really good hair.  This is really important to millennials

Trump is exactly right on Mexico. The stupid don’t get his negotiating tactic to get Mexico engaged. If his idea is so bad, what do you think the liberal elite think about my idea of invading Mexico?

Paul and Trump fill each other’s gaps, balance each other out. They both are fiscally conservative, which we desperately need right now.


I haven’t posted in awhile. Apologies to my followers or anyone that cares:)  Work has been insanely busy, many hours and worked holidays. My phone crashed. I didn’t re-install any of my social media on the phone and found it — freeing. Some would call it a Chinese wall between my web identity and the rest of me. I call it sanity. It was unbelievably freeing.  I end up posting less.

I have become a bit cynical about social media in general. It is a great venue for the spineless, for those who can’t look me in the eye and face me to take shots, and then they evaporate into the ether like jellyfish.

I realize that being too busy to be a full time blogger has meant that to meet the need for a posting schedule there are many things I have blogged on that are just not worth a full post—sort of like ESPN stretching 10 minutes of sports news into 24 hours, or CNN trying to turn 1 democratic party press release into a whole week’s worth of news. I have a grab bag of ideas not worth a whole post but kind of fun, call it rumors from going dark. The problem with these as articles is they are impossible to write on for long. Someone either gets it and the rest is redundant, or they never will. Below are some random thoughts from the free world

Microblogging is microthinking

I still have twitter but I am not on it much anymore. I have come to the conclusion that microblogging can be merely microthinking. To assemble and defend an argument requires more that 140 characters. You can be a complete idiot in maybe 4. Like CNN and sound bite news casts, idiots have a distinct advantage. I get too spun up by people who don’t deserve it so please—if you follow me and like what I do here, please forward it on to others

The Borg are easy to beat:

The Borg are the ultimate enemy in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Jean Luc Picard and crew will go down as the best Star Trek : Kirk had superior plots but lacked special effects, nothing after has anything but special effects. The Borg is the collective mind–a sci fi version of modern liberalism. Impossibly strong, they almost end civilization until Picard outwits them by giving the unimind a command to “sleep.” If you think about it, a unimind is easy to whip. All they had to do was beam a large airborne battalion onto the the ship and have them do a decentralized pirate style coordinated attack. Another way would be to have them “assimilate” Washington DC — the irrationality would be like a virus, the ship would explode.

They should do football and basketball like wrestling:

It is March Madness and the circus is back in town. It is a freak show, with giant human beings doing feats of giants, not “athleticism,” whatever that is. In football, the Vikings just recruited a guy from Poland who is like 8 foot tall and 400 pounds. Wouldn’t it make sense to have weight classes like they do in less freakishly exploitive sports? They lower the rims for the 6 year olds, shouldn’t they raise them up for the super-heavy weights?

Gay people need to get over their bad selves:

You can have “man love” without being gay. French and Italian men can kiss hello. Not a gay thing. I was in Ethiopia not too long ago and saw two soldiers in uniform walking down the street, in bad ass uniforms with rifles–holding hands. Not a gay thing, a cultural thing. First century Christians would great each other with a Holy kiss. Football players famously pat each other on the ass after a good play, dance and hug each other like catholic school girls at a pajama party when they score a point— and they do these PDA’s (public displays of affection)  without declaring what team they play for sexually. Gay people get over your bad selves. Lust isn’t love. Stop telling me about your plumbing problems.  I am so confused on the pizza thing—pizza isn’t a sexual thing to me, is it part of some gay sex ritual? wouldn’t it burn your man parts? Why do I have to endorse your sinful lustful life style? Can’t I just accept it like I accept your stupidity at math and logic?  You know, the whole gay thing is just weird. When I was a teenage boy, I was probably something I would dub auto-sexual. I got physically excited by girls and– a strong wind that caught me funny, a cheese burger, climbing a rope in gym class.  One possible reason God designed it so men didn’t have sex with men is that it is all that would go on until your man parts wore out and you died of starvation.

Apologies to elitist ruled countries everywhere as Bush and Clinton prepare to run:

I couldn’t vote for Jeb Bush even if I liked him. Hillary should be in jail. How can we criticize China’s dynasties and European monarchies when we are doing the same crap?

Iran’s nukes in historical perspective:

I am not a fan of giving Iran nukes or a nuke deal. I like BiBi. Still, consider that if Iran were to successfully explode a nuclear weapon, they would catch up to where we were in 1945. I am not shaking in my boots.  If I was in special operations I think I would let them get a nuke and have it “accidentally” explode inside their development facility. There is no such thing as a hardened facility our military couldn’t easily blow up, especially one run by some third century mullahs.

CNN is a terrorist organization

Terrorists wouldn’t blow things up on TV if they didn’t have a willing enabling accomplice in the MSM

Meaningless sports statistics replaced by meaningful sports statistics

I could be a color announcer. My analysis is if you score more points you win. Brilliant. Pay me Charles Barkley bucks now. Instead of stats about eclectic things like number of games won on thursdays, how about meaningful ones like number of felons produced by the program, number of actual graduates without the NCAA allowed cooking of the numbers etc

Coach K’s MidEast plan would be more interesting than Obama’s bracket.

I am sick over the Christians being murdered by ISIS and a hundred other things not worth Obama’s comment, but I hear about his bracket constantly. I think this is backwards. The successful should mentor the morons. Ask Pitino about how to do the press on Iran, Callipari about platoon warfare, and Coach K about how to be a leader.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

I can’t stand Obama. I have been underwhelmed by the GOP’s version of hope and change. Momma said if you can’t say something good…..so I say less as a service to my cause until possibly somebody on our side gets their shit together

When you search amazon for books on science you mostly get books on the state religion.

I am a nerd looking for a good science book. If you search amazon nonfiction science about the only thing you get is atheist anti-religious rants from scientific people writing outside their field of expertise with little about science. Try it. It’s fun. Sad, cynical fun, the state of literature in general, where a top book is badly written fifty shades of porn, but you take your fun where you can get it.

Celebrity death pool

Who will win? Lindsey Lohan? Miley Cyrus? Who knows? Perhaps more importantly, who cares? A great example of the short comings of this topic as an in-depth article. The people who are with me are chuckling and like me don’t follow celebrities closely enough to pick the winner. Those who worship celebrities are seething with anger at how mean I am. Still, it is worth noting the voyeuristic self centered pompous nature of our celebrities in the death pool. Consider how most of the TV shows I watch with my kids are about kids growing up to be rich and famous Hollywood girls who are exploited for their looks, Hanna Montana and its many knock offs. I have heard Taylor Swift mostly write songs about herself and her interactions with the media— what she sells isn’t music but escapism, shake it off—-she is someone little girls pretend to be –but that is it. Still, I admire how she has achieved success despite her apparent stutter—she says everything in 3’s. She stay-stay-stays and play-play-plays. I have much more appreciation for my Dad’s Sinatra albums now with our current drought of anything good musically.

Like me – Don’t like me— I don’t care. I am still right.  Going off the grid for a bit, doing some good off the matrix. I will be back from time to time.  I might be willing to guest blog for like minded people who have the time to post regular.

Keep on rock’n in the free world.


I pray for the families of the victims of the cowardly attack in France. The losers implied that they were in some way successful because they ended the lives of 12 courageous journalists and law enforcement personnel prematurely.  The losers are not just cowards, they are stupid too. I would gladly face any offended muslim in single combat. I am in no danger of being taken up on that offer, as their style is dastardly sneak attacks on people who can’t fight back, like say a goat.


They claim to have avenged for allah and the prophet on the offending cartoons. I should say first that allah and the prophet are so in need of others fighting their battles for them because they are dead. My God is alive. I don’t take revenge. I will repay, says the Lord. That said, there is no better way to get a wider circulation for the images you choose to “avenge” than by making noise about them. Like me, millions googled them. They are good. I flunked french: couldn’t make the nasal sounds with my strong South Philly accent: imagine Rocky Balboa playing Inspector Closeau on the Pink Panther. I don’t get the captions but they look funny as hell. I will include a selection of the best satirical muslim cartoons I could find. I would suggest you RT and distribute them as widely as possible. They can’t shoot all of us.

The postmodern secular French are a kind of sleeping giant that will awake. The editor knew his life was in danger and this may happen. He said he would rather die on his feet than on his knees. I don’t know, but I think he suspected his last service to his cause might be as a peaceful gandhi like martyr to help end the muslim oppression.

On a related note, President Obama made a statement some months back about his position regarding the muslim jihad.


So glad he clarified things and discouraged violence, just like he did in Ferguson and with Trayvon (he says with dripping sarcasm.)

It is probably insensitive and not the right time to make this argument indepth, but supposing the editor had a glock things may have ended differently. Supposing the French police had more than a whistle and dirty look in their trick bag, it could have ended differently.


Please enjoy these pictures. Share them in honor of free speech’s martyrs.










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