KO 1 stands for Killing Obama Part 1- which I can’t say because free speech isn’t free —–and no one paid the bill. If you call a spade a spade, your a racist. So I am using a secret code they will never crack, using just the first letter of each word KO for Killing Obama.

We have already learned from Hollywood that Lincoln was a vampire slayer, and now observes the world as a friendly member of the undead.

Obama is a different kind of undead creature. He is unborn. This explains why there is no birth certificate. He didn’t get put together in a laboratory. He is no Jack Kennedy or –  Frankenstein.

Frankenstein was obviously a Republican, because he created something out of nothing using science and not just without government assistance, but the government trying to stop him.

The origin of the Zombie King, Barack Obama is sketchy and sealed up with all of  the F’s in logical reasoning and math he got on his college transcripts. It appears from circumstancial evidence that he blinked into existence from a library accident: Several books collide and through a random accident so ridiculously improbable it is only a million times more likely to have happened than Macro-Evolution, several fictional characters from novels were ejected from the pages of their books and collided, hatching a Zombie King.

Who knows the origins of the Zombie King? I can’t identify every piece, but there are a couple dominant ones for sure that are unmistakable:

Wesely Mouch from Atlas Shrugged and Major from Animal Farm merged in some supernatural accident- and I mean accident in the sense that the universe had diarihea and squirted something out.  Wesley Mouch was the guy from Atlas Shrugged who came up with the equal opportunity law, the original socialism through “fairness” guy. Major was the pig who started off the slogan “4 legs good, 2 legs bad” and ends being the dictator saying just the opposite.

Of course Obama is the leader of the Zombie Apocalypse, because the volunteers working the voting location are saying “I see dead people.”

Obamacare is the ultimate zombie apacalypse. Let’s talk about something you won’t hear from the democrats or the republicans. Certain death is just not a winning issue. So far, with the exception of Jesus Christ, life is 100 percent fatal. Death is certain no matter whose plan you use, whether you keep it or Obama steals it. Another truth? Healthcare plans are fairly recent generationally–in a sense. In a sense your great grand father had a better plan, your grand father –family took care of family. The Zombie king is peddling life in his kingdom of the undead


Killing Obama

I am reading Bill O’Reilly’s book, “Killing Patton.”  It is the latest in his series of “killing” books, an ingenious marketing scheme that seems to be working for him. I deeply Admire George Patton, or as I often refer to him “The General.”  It is gripping. O’Reilly is a great author. I hadn’t read any of his other books. I have a prejudice against celebrity authors. As someone who aspires to write, I get hacked off that someone can get famous for killing someone and get a book deal, and some one else can right some thoughtful gripping story and not even get read.

I have re-designed my blog site a bit in preparation for a new series of posts I call “Killing Obama.”  Based on feedback,  I have added widgets to make it easier for people to follow me and give me feedback. I reduced the graphics as many view this site from mobile devices and what looks cool on a big monitor is often just clutter on your android.  In the spirit of Bill O’Reilly, I want to get inside Barry’s head the same way he got inside Hitler’s head when he describes the days in Hitler’s Bunker.  It will also pick up where I left off with my rehearsal of Obama’s midterm election victory speech. I want to inspire Bill O’Reilly to take on this project. The fact that Obama is still alive is just a minor detail. I mean, Patton believes he would be reincarnated—I may be him. Of course, Lincoln is among the undead from his time as a vampire slayer like in that movie.

(Feel free to give me feedback on the new look, especially if something is not quite right.)

I should say something. Hello NSA flunkie. How is your day going? Did you see any naked ladies while spying on Americans?  They could make a whole movie about assassinating George W Bush and that was free speech, they can stick crosses in urine and call it art, but I imagine people may get excited if I title a post Killing Obama.

I mean the President no harm. I am a US Fighting man. If there was some maniac near the President and I could leap in front of him and take a bullet for him to save his life, I would do it. ( I would be pissed off about it all the way to heaven’s gate, but that is what Americans do. He is the President.)   I could have named the post “myth busters,” because Obama as known to his people is a myth, he is smoke. I am intent on killing a myth.


“A person is entitled to their own opinion. They are not entitled to their own facts.”

I heard this quote from a radio preacher, and it is stuck in my brain.

It is hard  not to think about the democrats and there constant manufacturing of bogus facts.

I would be boring to talk about the obvious.  The facts say the globe is cooling so they make stuff up. Communism has failed every single time it has been tried, so lets socialize medicine and everything else soon after.

It might be more fun to start with “public service announcements” which although ostensibly non-political but from the government, are essential big government propoganda.

It is not that such announcement say bad things. It is that they say things that define the context between government and the individual in an obscene way.

Take the “don’t text and drive” PSA’s.  Not bad advice. Personally, I think it is sexist. Yeah, both sexes text. I have been the lone voice crying out in the wilderness about a more established practice that has been going on for years and is worse than texting. No one has made up statistics about it because they are afraid, because it is a sin of women.  How do I know it is worse? What is worse: glancing down at something for a moment or sticking a piece of sharp metal in your eye? Common sense right?

Where are the laws, where is the outrage about applying make up while driving? 3/4 of the women I pass on my morning commute are putting on fake Eyelashes, painting their faces, plucking their eye brows, or applying product to bleach their little mustachio’s, if you know what I mean.  Don’t text and drive? How about don’t primp and drive? helmet or ticket? How about slut it and ticket? Would that be intrusive? I think you should be allowed to text, apply makeup, and do jello shooters while driving, supposing you obeyed all traffic laws.  I could drive better than most of the idiots I commute to work alongside with half my brain behind my back.

The most accepted but stupid of  public service announcements are the “your vote counts” and “get out the vote” initiatives. Has anyone thought this through?

Let me walk you through this. We have a large segment of the population that follow Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber but who couldn’t name the current Secretary of State, place Iraq on a map or Texas for that matter. They are brilliant at technology, but stupid in other ways. They have no idea. Some celebrity they admire urges them to vote in an advertisement, as the mere act makes them better citizens. So you have a bunch of idiots voting with little thought. It makes the elections totally random.

I think we should have the opposite approach. Make it difficult to vote. Make it so you have to give a fart,  to work at it.  Let people who know the issues vote. I would say it is a duty of citizenship to not vote if you don’t know the issues, if you only seek to vote  because someone told you that you should.

The fact is, uneducated mobs aren’t known for making great decisions.

Our public service announcements try to make it so easy to vote, an idiot could do it.

The fact is this is no public service. This is not the popular opinion. It is however, the only conclusion from the facts. People are not entitled to their own facts.

I want to get out the vote—of the people who are going to vote for my candidates. Everyone else can keep watching reality TV and smoking medical marijuana.


My Fellow Americans,

This is Barrack Obama. Let me be clear. This is my finest hour.

My Republican friends predicted defeat, yet we prevailed.


They are not just Climate Change deniers, they are Obama deniers.



Well, my denier friends, your chickens have come home to roost.

(standing ovation. Uncontrolled applause.)

My good friends predicted they would win control of the Senate—we gained seats in the Senate.


My good friends predicted they would gain seats in the house, we have regained control.

The people have spoken

Let me be clear.

The people have spoken.

I have a mandate. Hope and Change is back in style.

I have a number of initiatives I am going to initiate immediately—please hold your applause until the end. There are a few surprises, so please hold your applause to the end.

Perhaps you have heard of the “contract with America”

I plan to answer that miserable failed plan with my own plan that I call the

“contract with humanity”

As my first point in the contract with humanity, I am going to declare the doctrine of American non-exceptionalism. Americans are not exceptional, we are human. The only reason we have, is we have stolen from the have nots. I therefore declare by executive order an open borders policy. Citizenship of the United States is now citizenship to the world. For the sake of consistency, we will recognize dual citizenship with every nation on the planet. I am President of the World! This ends discrimination based on who has an ID: if you are a decent human being, you can vote. Period.

Next, I need to take care of the people who need it most. I am now announcing a tax rebate program. It is very simple. Anyone who filed a tax return and paid no tax will get a government check for 2016 dollars, courtesy of Barrack Obama and the US Treasury. The people who most need help will get it.

As the third point in my contract with humanity, I will end the partisan bickering. Benghazi? IRS? What will they trump up next? NSA? I will end it. I will lead. Signed and on my desk in the Oval office are 100 pardons—I am pardoning every body. I am pardoning people who don’t need a pardon. I want to end the partisan bickering. It is time to move on. If there was any wrongdoing, you would have found it, or it was accidental–what difference does it make.?

The fourth point in my Contract with Humanity will be the Sustainable Choice Tax Credit. Any woman who chooses abortion will get a 1,000 tax credit per abortion, to reflect the reduction in the burden on our planet saved. Every gay marriage will recieve a 2,000 tax credit, in recognition of the sustainability benefits of gay unions, which never result in some person being cursed with a baby.


The fifth and final point in my contract with humanity is a promise. I promise to not leave my work unfinished. It is the reason the tax rebate check is 2016 dollars. I plan to run for re-election in 2016. Let the election be a referendum, a referendum on term limits. America needs four more years of Barrack Obama

Allah Akbar

“All the candidates are the same who cares” I hear people say. They love to whine. They point out flaws within our own movement. This is a possible future you can help create if you stay home on election day. Let me say this as gently as I can. Get your sorry a$$ out of that chair and get registered to vote and show up election day, hell or high water.


The hunter comes upon scat for his prey. Scat is poop, a sign that the prey has been there. You can tell alot from scat. What type of animal, for example. Roll it in your fingers, taste it even. Perhaps if you taste berries you stalk places with berry bushes next.

Looking at scat is easy, but the last thing learned by hunter wannabees. A fancy range finder, a new camo outfit, a new weapon—-these things are sexy. Scat—no so much.

Novice hunters don’t shoot too many bucks. They are often heard to say there was nothing out there. They are easily frustrated. They whine. They complain. You have heard of “Silence if the Lambs?” They talk about silence of the deer. They tell their tale of woe with scat on their shoes, so unobserved that they stepped in it.

Part if the reason scat is hard to learn is  it is not ever going to tell you good news—the deer is here but give you direction of how to course correct to where the deer is— how far away is the deer, what path is he on so you might follow, and so on.

God speaks. God is not silent. He doesn’t always say what you want to hear, the way you want to hear it—especially if you are far from him. He doesn’t say what you want to hear if you are close to him. Even Jesus asked the Father to let the cup pass from him.

Never mistake your arrogance and bad hearing for God’s silence.


George W Bush was a Christian. He held positions consistent with the Bible.

Maybe that is why my church and many around the country had groups that met regularly to pray for our President.

Not so much with Obama.

Obama is nominally a Christian– his minister was taken to task for everything but the obvious. Everyone focused on the unpatriotic aspect of his saying g-d America. What minister blasphemes and takes the Lord’s name in vein in the Lord’s house while claiming to be the Lord’s man?  Do you think he has ever read James 3:1 ? There is a special level of hell reserved for people like this minister.
Obama calls Christians bitter clingers while calling Islam the religion of peace. He is pro-babykilling, all in for abortion.

I was challenged the other day. Doesn’t Obama need alot of help? Possibly more help than George W Bush? Shouldn’t we pray more for Obama than  anyone? Do we only pray for people we agree with? Aren’t we supposed to love our enemies?

You can make yourself run when you do not feel like it. You can make yourself not eat when you shouldn’t. You don’t have to like the run, desire the run, you just do it. You don’t have to hate chocolate to abstain from it. How do you make yourself pray if your heart is not in it?

My basic problem is that I don’t so much have an ideology problem with Obama, I have a morality problem with Obama. As detailed in my last post, Obama is sufficiently capitalistic, he is just evil.  We are supposed to hate evil. We are supposed to defend widows and orphans, yet pray for our leader who creates widows and kills orphans?

I also believe him to be lazy and incompetent. Do I pray for him to be better so we don’t all die of ebola? He might then be a competent enough crook so his NSA spying goes undetected, for example.

After much soul searching, and reading my Bible, here is my prayer for Obama:

Father God,
God of God, Light of Lights,
King of Kings,

Please attend to President Obama.
Your Servant Saul described himself as the chief of sinners before the Lord Jesus confronted him on the road to Damascus,  show your glory to Obama…maybe his heart will turn towards you

Lord, when you showed your glory to Pharaoh through signs and miracles with your servant Moses, Pharaoh rejected you. If Obama continues to do evil, harden his heart like you did Pharaoh’s and make his rebellion complete, and show us your glory as you heap burning coals on his head, make him drink from the cup of his adulteries and free us from this captivity.

And God’s people all said:



I had an experience. It was like I was going through a tunnel—then I saw a bright light, and then I had a revelation. The Tea Party is wrong—Obama is the ultimate capitalist.

Capitalism  n. noun
A supporter of capitalism.
An investor of capital in business, especially one having a major financial interest in an important enterprise.
A person of great wealth.

Obama meets every facet of the definition. He is a person of great wealth, accumulated in his job running an enterprise.  He is a supporter of capitalism. He stated this in every debate. If that is not enough for you, consider that he has grown the capital invested in government more than all the other presidents in the history of the United States—combined.

He is an investor of capital in business, having a major financial interest in Solyndra, GM, mortgage companies—he just did a start-up of an affordable healthcare system that has cornered the market on healthcare.

Criticisms of Obama and the democrats for not being capitalistic are misguided.

The proper critique of Obama and the democrats is that they are evil.

They are evil, immoral, and hell- bound. They are looking to send us on ahead.

Don’t tell me I am not supposed to make moral judgment. I am not being politically correct? I don’t care.

Obama is an investor of capital in business—other people’s money. Your money, my money, borrowed money from China. This is money taken by tax, by force, at the point of a gun. This is immoral. Even drug dealers give you a choice to take their drugs and pay for them or don’t take them and not pay for them. Taxes themselves aren’t immoral, when they aren’t spent on speculation and influence peddling—which is where most of it goes.

Obama has accumulated great wealth running an enterprise. That enterprise is the government, and most of the money he has accumulated has been through contributions, through barely legal means of getting money to peddle influence.

Obama has cornered the market on healthcare through a dictatorial fiat no one really understands.

Capitalism is like gravity. It is a force of nature. It cannot be stopped.  You just change what is being bought and sold. Is it value? Is it productive? Or, is it influence.

It is really simple. If you produce something and sell it, you create wealth. If you are a salesperson, you create wealth by connecting the producer with the need. If you produce nothing and deprive others of what they produce, you are a parasite. It is piracy.

Charity is not something you do with other people’s money. Charity is productive— it produces treasure in heaven.

As Ayn Rand explains in “Atlas Shrugged,”  The aristocracy of money is replaced by the aristocracy of “pull,” of influence.  It is no longer what you know, but who you know.

Ayn Rand had it right– but sort of by accident. Rand claims the collectivists are immoral. She is an atheist. She claims it is self-evident. Look at Obama and his followers. Apparently not self evident.

They compete for favors and political advantage, and all becomes politics.  It is at it’s root immoral and evil. Bill Clinton famously said that his personal life didn’t matter. Evil doesn’t matter? Forest Gump famously said—“stupid is as stupid does”

Iamdanger.com says:

Evil is as Evil does.

Impeach Obama.


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