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Suppose that instead of having a popularity contest to determine who becomes a candidate for being leader of the semi-free world, we posted an advertisement on the usual job boards.

This isn’t necessarily against the Constitution, so long as there is still a general election. What are the essentials of a President? Let’s write an add.

Chief executive officer of the largest corporate body of employees in the world, the Federal Government. Demonstrated ability to make business decisions, inspire others to better things, and demonstrated knowledge of mathematics, geography, economics, and foreign affairs.


US Citizenship
Registration for the draft
Military experience-any- officer, enlisted, active or reserve
college degree desired


Graduate degree in business administration, public administration or equivalent experience


At least 10 years experience leading an organization of more than 20 people making executive decisions.

Excellence in industry with at least 10 years in practicing career field (medicine, engineering, military, business, industry or other) with P and L responsibility with demonstrated success


List at least three references preferably former supervisors with knowledge of your work.

If this approach is good enough for the local widget factory, why do Presidential hopefuls get a pass? Obama would not rate an interview. Bill Clinton wouldn’t either.

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I have entered into my first ever fantasy football competition. My boy has made the transition from following Sponge Bob to Teddy Bridgewater and we can share a football game. It makes one just wonder though—-maybe I could start a fantasy government league.

First I would emulate my fantasy football league planner and hand out a cheat sheet. It would list top businessmen, clergy, doctors, professors and policemen in a locality. It would list captains of industry on the national elections.  You make your picks. Once a month we update the stats and see whose team won until we filled the fantasy elected offices. If the career stats and excellence of a police officer could be put in a box score the way one does a tail back, my fantasy government league might not be such a fantasy.

Pretend for a moment I found a way to work out that little detail. Rand Paul would make my cheat sheet, with his stats as a surgeon. Mitt Romney would make it, along with notably Donald Trump.  Joe Biden is a career politician and would have zero stats–having never played a position in the workforce.

When we were trash talking each other doing our fantasy football draft, someone commented:

I couldn’t pick the Dallas Cowboys defense if I wanted to—they aren’t even ranked!

Obama is such a lightweight he would not even make it onto anyone’s cheat sheet.  The most telling thing about liberals is their absolute lack of credentials, they are all emotion–they care ” for da child’n”

I remember when GWB was president the liberals painted it as a negative that he had experience in industry and with the oil industry. I suppose its preferable to have experience voting present or golfing.

Suppose instead of elections we posted “POTUS” on a job board. Would any democrat’s resume make it past the gatekeepers?

Send me a comment if you want to come to my fantasy government draft.

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Iam Danger:

This is a brilliant piece from a blogger I follow that stands out because, well— this is a guy who normally doesn’t blog about politics who just has had enough. Sound familiar?


ISIS (The terrorist Islamic state) finally got our government’s attention. Their blatant, vicious beheading of journalist James Foley was so in our face that no one could ignore for one more second what is happening in northern Iraq and Syria, and in fact all over the Middle East.

Just like President Obama, most of us are reasonable people and feel that everyone should be treated fairly and their beliefs respected. That idea of fairness is flawed when one is dealing with Islamic terrorists. Nothing they say or do can or should be believed. Their goal is to destroy anyone and everyone who doesn’t conform to their ancient cancerous ideas.

It’s no wonder that we suspect and fear the motives of all believers of Islam. Why did it take so long for the president of Indonesia to say publicly that these terrorists bring shame to all sincere, caring Muslim believers and…

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A stopped clock is right twice a day. Even the liberal patron saint of big government got it right once. FDR’s most famous line, so uncharacteristically leader-like:

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Fear itself is what the 24 hour news networks are about, because fear sells. I have heard at least 20 awesome sermons on fear: “Fear not” is mentioned in the Bible hundreds of times, a command God gives more than any other. Even money comes in second place. In Romans we are told are real enemies are “powers and principalities of this dark world.”  That doesn’t just mean demons. It means powers that rule over you, most especially it means fear. Think of the things we have been made to fear, and then consider these things in context:


Speaking of the USA, the standard of living in this country has improved exponentially in the last 50 or so years. A rich person in the 1950’s had a family car, 3 generations under one roof, a television, and one room in the house served by an air conditioner in the window.  A lower middle class family today has central air as an expectation in the most modest of dwellings, and 5 or 6 entertainment devices cooler than a TV. A  crisis might mean you now must live like the rich and famous of a generation ago.


People are so traumatized by the pictures that anything I say will be disbelieved. I want to close the border, fix the problem—don’t take me wrong. But I encourage you to do the math. Look at the numbers who came across the border, and compare it to our population.  For this to be a voting block and some of the dire predictions from some of my fellow conservatives, it would have to be orders of magnitude worse a problem. It is a distraction, like the debate over a minimum wage paid to less than 5 percent of people. Fight, but do not fear.


This such a farce that it would be comical if it weren’t so costly.


Yeah, pretty stupid to let people with a disease that is 100 percent fatal into the country. The truth is, Ebola is such a devestating disease that a world wide outbreak is impossible, for a reason too disgusting for the experts to say plainly.
People get sick and die too quickly for it to spread before it burns itself out in mass casualties.


The retirement system is relatively new fangled—a product of the industrial age. The tried and true retirement system is still in place: family caring for its own.


This is the sum of all fears, the mother of things with irrational power over people—-and especially my fellow conservatives. 9-11 so scared conservatives that they stood by and surrendered unprecedented power to the government. Let us quantify the terrorist threat with historical comparison. If Hitler had won, billions of us might be ethnically cleansed and would not even live to tell. If the terrorists succeed in pulling off another 9-11, 3000 random innocent people die–and we root them out and kill the bastards once every 15 years or so. What if they nuke us? A tragedy, but more for them than us as even the most pacifist element would not say a word if we reigned down thermonuclear hell on every terrorist state on the planet.  Again, I am against terrorism and want better policies than those made between the front 9 and the back 9. All things considered, we are so winning. We have it pretty good.

Fear not.

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I loved the comedy of Robin Williams. My condolences to his family, and all of the collateral damage from the loss to the world of this brilliant man. I feel for him, and wish he had won his internal battle, in his battlefield of the mind. I had a friend in my childhood lost to suicide. I think death from depression shouldn’t be even called suicide– it is murder by lie.  I want to say this upfront because I am going to say some hard things, some dangerous things about suicide properly defined.  I support counselors on hotlines who try to reveal the lie and save the downtrodden.

I am going to counsel some to go through with suicide, as the honorable thing to do.

Suicide has a long honorable tradition. In Japan there was the practice of harakiri ( harry karry) practiced as part of a warrior tradition as a way for one to die with honor. A warrior would disembowel himself rather than live with the disgrace of living assimilated into the victor’s rule. (Notice something. There is another choice. One could choose to compromise, to live within the victor’s cities, obey his laws, without warring against it.) The honorable warrior would die in battle or harakiri.

What we call suicide bombers are not. They are homicide bombers, programmed to kill. They are the opposite of the warrior tradition. They are cowards and fools.  Rather than fight an honorable fight, compromise, or harakiri, they choose the most vile, evil and dishonorable path possible. In the warrior tradition, honorable warriors on both sides will temporarily unite to vanquish such barbarians.

I would like to counsel those members of islam who are willing to homicide bomb for their faith to consider a more honorable path. Kill yourself. Put it on youtube, or facebook, or the jihad network. It could be the islamic version of the ALS challenge. Invite ten friends to kill themselves too. Allah would give you even more virgins and slaves in the afterlife if you not only put it on video but accomplish your task boldly, perhaps in traditional harakiri style. It would have a much greater impact. It is not just foreign terrorists who should consider checking out of this life with a death video.

Consider the following true stories. There was a young man with emotional problems. He had a history of violence, mood swings and antisocial behavior. One day he called the suicide hotline. A counsellor gave him a coping strategy to follow through on things and not worry about things beyond his control. A woman obsessed by paranoid fantasies considered taking her own life. The counsellor made an emotional appeal to trust herself– there was nothing worse than taking your own life.

The young man went on to not worry about things beyond his control—or what anyone said to him. He stole weapons from a close relatives house and attacked a defenseless school, and died in the attack. The woman trusted herself. She listened to the voices and drove a car filled with her young children into a lake to punish their father. She was the only survivor.

There are worse things than suicide. There is mass homicide by suicide.

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There was once upon a time a famous writer of many classic plays named William Shakespeare. The plots of his plays were so well done that they are often updated, the names and scenery changed and made into a movie by some second rate director. Many third rate writer wannabes who took low paying jobs as critics hail the originality of these second rate directors.

Shakespeare is so famous among people my age, some may wonder why I am explaining who he is. CommonCore. Modern public education. Our kids are unlikely to hear about a white anglo saxon writer, that is so out. What they will hear about Shakespeare: speculation from women’s studies professors that his plays were written by a woman, were stolen, or was gay, was someone else—political self serving conjecture—anything but the joy and greatness of his actual writing.

As I mentioned, even our modern critics are idiots. I once walked out of a highly acclaimed production of “Hamlet” 5 minutes in: It opened with the “to be or not to be scene”  —the critics didn’t notice that this occurs in Act 3, not the opening. Also, Shakespeare never had Hamlet shooting up with Heroin as he contemplated his life…..but I digress. The plots are good, the lines are better. Perhaps we can draw hope and see change from some of these classic lines:

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Most dangerous is that temptation that doth goad us on to sin in loving virtue

A peace is of the nature of a conquest; for then both parties nobly are subdued, and neither party a loser

Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

I could break down how each nugget of wisdom applies today—but I won’t. As Shakespeare also said, brevity is the soul of wit. As my Dad said, you can’t explain the obvious.

What I would like to point out is the classics like Shakespeare are either ignored or perverted because they teach and speak of classic moral principles.

Shakespearean hope and change? Education in the classics.

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This is an introduction to what may go down in history for the world’s shortest yet most complete post reporting on the following topics:

Number of chinese or caucasian police shooting race riots in the USA in the last 50 years.

Muslim protests against violence

Fundraisers missed by Obama because of his day job.

Number of solar powered cars

Christian suicide bombers

Non-muslim suicide bombers

Pairs of work boots taken from stores in Ferguson as part of civil disobedience

Nuclear Power plants built in the USA in last few years

Calls to change the name of the Dallas Cowboys to something that doesn’t honor those killers of Redskins.

Calls to change the name of the Miami Heat as it is offensive to twerking popstars who act like they are “in heat.”

Apologies from the media to George W Bush for blaming him for things that the test of time has shown were obviously not his fault.

Number of  degrees the globe has warmed.

I could go on. Send me your ideas for another short post.  The actual post, the answer to all of these question:


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