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Good article about an imcumbent losing. One thing I find interesting, is that often times the candidate who beats the establishment candidate — had a smaller war chest and spent less money. The question I am pondering: Is the relationship between money spent/war chest changing? Are we through social media getting a better dynamic for liberty? One can hope…..

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perdueBusinessman David Perdue, an outsider who had never before ran for public office, the former CEO of Dollar General and Reebok, narrowly defeated GOP establishment-backed career politician Jack Kingston in Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff on Tuesday.

Perdue’s victory advances him to the general election in November, in which he’ll face Democrat Michelle Nunn, who’s hoping to benefit from her retired father, long-time former Senator Sam Nunn. 

As with Eric Cantor’s amazing loss to newcomer Dave Brat in Virginia, the race turned into a focus on amnesty and Perdue brilliantly used Kingston’s financial support from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to his advantage. 

“Jack Kingston’s pro-amnesty vote is bought and paid for,” said the Perdue ad that was blasted on Georgia airwaves in the days leading up to the runoff election on Tuesday. 

The ad blasted Kingston for taking $3 million from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the organization that was…

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I like to think outside the box, skate on the other side of the ice, and generally encourage a paradigm shift in thinking that may not be the right idea, it may even be offensive, but leads the way to the right ideas. Treading lightly is not my way.


You want to erase the border? Really? Not my idea, not my choice, but if you want to start erasing the border I sure will finish it. We have guys who are used to driving big tanks around in a third world desert  breaking stuff and blowing stuff up–they are not used to being able to go home for the weekend.


What we have here is a failure to communicate. What we have here is a desegregation problem, like in the USA in the 1960′s. We swing a deal with Benny the ‘Yahoo over in the Jewish Holy Land. He rounds up people crossing his border, we “return” them to Mexico via air bus. Mandatory Busing was such an elegant, trouble free solution engendering racial understanding in the USA according to some, it is the answer to both problems. We send them some good Mexican Catholics. The beauty of it is the longer it goes the more integrated things get. The liberal social engineers should be all over this one— let it be there idea.


Suppose we said those that cross the border are slaves. They would have no status as a whole person, work for cash at jobs Americans won’t do and they will have no documents—-aah wait a minute, that is the situation we have right now! Ruminate on that for a second. It is quite the moral dilemma.

This is the default option: an illegal alien is a slave. Giving them freebies is improving slave quarters. The Democrat Party- pro slavery before the Civil War, Pro-slavery after the Civil War: consistently on the wrong side of history.  Those that want to continue things without a fence are pro-slavery.

There is another piece to this that is a dilemma in itself that could make your head hurt. Slavery is wrong, right? All of the time? The atheists like to make God out to be against civil rights even though he created them? In the American South there was an underground railroad to help slaves escape. In Mexico there is an underground railroad to help people become slaves.

Psalm 84:10 comes to mind:

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere….

With all due respect to paradise which contrary to popular belief in Texas is much better than Texas:

better is one day as a slave in the USA than a thousand in Mexico.

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Definition of ‘Scarcity’

The basic economic problem that arises because people have unlimited wants but resources are limited. Because of scarcity, various economic decisions must be made to allocate resources efficiently.

I march of to work every morning, singing the bread winners song:
I owe
I owe
so off
to work
I go

We often hear from the media about the genius predictions made by the “experts,” be it HG Well’s science fiction or some other pundit—-conveniently forgotten is the many, many wrong predictions. Those of that saw The BACK TO THE FUTURE movies in theatres can feel ancient, as we have travelled to almost 2015, the year they went to in part 2 and surprise, no flying cars.

While driving home at 8pm from another 12 hour day, it’s budget season, it crossed my mind that predictions of the two or three day work week seem to be perhaps a millionth off….

If one really ponders it, the prediction is 100 percent accurate mathematically—the “prophet” merely had no understanding of the economic principle of scarcity. Look at it this way:
The standard of living in the USA has increased dramatically since they 1950′s: consider as just a few obtuse examples that my phone has more brain power than a state of the art mainframe from that era, even poor people have central air and many have houses, and extra houses just for their cars (garages.) It was not uncommon to have 3 generations under one roof.

The punchline: If we decided to maintain a 1955 standard of living, we probably could get by with working two days a week.

This might be the secret to our political divide in this country—things just aren’t drop deep great depression painful yet. I hope it doesn’t have to get that bad before things change.

Got to get some shuteye so I can work some more.

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You are a modern liberal …

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You are a modern liberal

… and you don’t believe in natural rights.

Ok … let’s ask some questions which may even seem silly at first, but which, in the asking, will clear away some of the unhappy vagueness we tend to live with out of social politeness or the fear of seeming too radical.


Do you have, let’s say, a right to breathe? If so, where does this “right” come from? An act of Congress?

Do you have a right to be served by others? If so;

Do they have a right to be served by you? If so;

Do they have a right to serve themselves by not serving you?

The questions are too general or abstract or silly or provocative you say? And anyway, it all depends, you say? Alright then, “it all depends”.

In hopes of making some kind of progress, let’s wave away any…

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Suppose we lose the election in 2014, and then again in 2016.  This would lock in the hopeless change for years to come, maybe forever. It would guarantee this new post modern age of bureaucratic incompetence and statism. Do not lose heart. When God closes a door he leaves a window unlocked.  Capitalism is an elemental fact of life, like combustion, like gravity. It might not be the best future, but capitalism in some form surfaces and may still rule the day. Consider two cottage industries of the government that have flourished under the captivity: grant administration and tax preparation services.

Grant administration companies navigate the many and myriad pathways of obtaining government grants, overseeing the paperwork when you get the grant—capitalism moves from competing markets to competing for grants. Less efficient: you want your brainpower solving problems not filing papers, it is a diluted capitalism but it is therr and is a growing industry.

Tax preparation services are everywhere, and bound to grow. We compete for deductions instead of stuff that is productive, like making something—but when you are given lemons, be the guy or gal with the lemonade stand.

I have a business I am thinking of starting. Please let me know what you think, (and how much you want to invest.) The rest of  this post could be converted into a radio spot with testimonials from all of the success stories. I would call it:
I would help you certify and find all of the ways in which you may be a protected class, like the following:


So you are a man who loves women. Why go through life as an underprivileged heterosexual, when we can certify you as a gay lesbian? You are a woman trapped in a man’s body who loves women: no life style changes needed, but all the advantages of being a protected class. Having trouble at work? The threat of a lawsuit may keep you employed until retirement.


We can help you explore your American Indian roots. Like most Americans, there are big holes in your family tree. Our researchers can fill them with dead Indians. Have you heard of the legendary wandering tribe, the one that visited Western Europe? Your ancestors not coming to the USA before the 1800′s may only be a minor logistical problem we could explain away.


Just because you may have blonde hair, blue eyes and think of yourself as white does not mean that you are not technically a minority for government purposes.  Thanks to the human genome project, we can compare a sample of your DNA to others and prove that you are a unique class that should be protected.


Let the world know what is wrong with you;)
If every third kid can have ADD or ADHD, our doctors are guaranteed to find something wrong with you. Are you a conservative? A Christian? Do you believe in absolute truth? The government may give you credit for being brain damaged.


We have an arrangement with a small Caribbean island country where we can grant you citizenship of their nation from your easy chair. You can keep your job and not pay taxes. Yes, you to can be an undocumented worker, get free healthcare, and have a world of programs funded by others opened to you.

Yes, we can document you being undocumented.

The NSA won’t even know you.

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I am danger to the current government. I am danger to the statists. I am all in against the statists, even if we happen to share an ideology or belief—if you want to use the force of the state to make someone not supersize their soft drink, I side with a person with poor nutritional habits. I am danger not because I am powerful, or even all that influential—but because I will not relent. I am a pain in the ass that will not go away, and, well— I am not alone. There are many of us. There is an information advantage to the truth. A million voices can speak it in perfect harmony without conferring.   This is the advantage of liberty over collectivism. They need a central body to coordinate the lie. We will win. The only question: what will it cost?

I am an “Anonymous” sympathizer. You know the group: they call themselves a collective and have the slogan:

We are Anonymous. 
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget. 
Expect us.

I am not anonymous. I am danger. I am out there, and my name isn’t that hard to find behind my internet handle, and it is not because I don’t have skills. I like it that way. Like John Hancock making the first large and extremely legible signature on the Declaration of Independence, I want to confront the demons head on. Treading lightly is not my way. Folks like me are legion, but we would spit in your eye if you called us a collective—we are all independent thinkers who act together. I forgive. I am a Christian. I don’t forget. I suspect some pagan people think of forgiving and forgetting as the same thing. I may forgive the murdering rapist, I may lead him to Christ and save him from hell, but I would happily put the needle in his arm to administer the capital punishment required so justice is served. You don’t need to expect me, I am here, fighting the lies most every day, puzzling over new ways to extend my reach and spoil a statists free lunch.

When I first started blogging I was intimidated by all of the blogs out there, all of the “competition.” I now understand it differently. If someone gets the message and votes to impeach the village idiot Obama because he read someone elses’s blog, I am just as happy.

I am planning to expand my efforts to network with other bloggers, in an effort to get the job done. I may reblog more. I am pondering how best to get common sense to be more common.

A closing word on common sense. It is common sense to a pilot in a dive to fly straight into the ground, due to vertigo– that is why they have instruments. People caught in avalanche’s in the snow dig furiously to get out before they sufficate, often digging further down—that is why they are taught to clear a pocket around their face and spit– see which way it falls so you know which way is up.

Liberals are not dumb. They seem like it. They seem like they lack common sense. I believe we communicate that one orienting fact in the right way, we can get them out of their nose dive or digging for daylight.  I am danger to the lie.

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