I will have to backtrack on my snarky comment about Trump being dumb.

In my defense, intelligence is relative.

He was clearly the only adult in the room when it came to the issue of imminent domain. It is truly scary how that portion of the debate progressed: the stupidity inbedded in the question, the nonsense coming from Jeb.

Imminent domain is used to condemn property for a public purpose. If you need to bring sewers to an area being served by leaky septic tanks polluting the environment, you need to obtain an easement. If you can’t reach agreement with an individual along the pipeline route, a utility can condemn or use imminent domain to get the easement as a last resort. It is a last resort because it is expensive in paying lawyers, going to court, proving it is for a public purpose, and as Trump said, often the compensation exceeds fair market value.

The debate on condemnation should be on the definition of a public purpose. Someone in New Jersey I believe made national news condemning low income housing to put in a retirement home. The Keystone pipeline would be a public purpose. Atlantic City legalized gambling to raise tax money—a public purpose I may not agree with, but a public purpose none the less.


I did stand with Rand, now I stump with Trump. I feel like Rand Paul was the best candidate but I can adjust. I can slump with Trump.

He is not a stupid man. I was possibly a little overboard in my last post, sour grapes that my candidate lost.

There are some things that I think Trump understands better than anyone else running. He gets the fine art of delegation. Every other candidate pretends to be all-knowing on everything. Trump knows his issues, but he will say “I have people for that.”

There is another big picture concept that Trump gets— no one else does.

I am reading Clausewitz right now. His most famous quote is:

“War is an extension of politics by other means.”

Trump understands that Clausewitz is a smart guy but had it backwards.

Politics is an extension of war by other means.

This is a war. We don’t need grandpa Carson talking slow and being polite. We need energy. we need a killer instinct. We need someone who will go up to a do nothing bureaucrat and say “Your fired” like he did on the apprentice.

When a reporter asks certain questions like how he is going to build the wall, he is not looking for an answer. He is looking for intelligence for the other side. So why give him that intel? Go on about how it is going to be a big wall.  No reason to give more details than necessary. If you are going to buy a piece of real estate  where you don’t have a contract and you announce it at a press conference, the price goes up doesn’t it? It is the Art of the Deal.







Imagine you are the head of Human Resources searching for a CEO of your multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company. After investing tremendous resources in the search, you finally narrow the field to under 10. You then turn it over to interviewers. For some bizarre reason, you choose Megan Kelly on a biologically bad day (according to Donald Trump)  and a bunch of other reporters from CNN who are always having a bad day.  They ask questions at interview that are mini-speeches. They major in the minors. Their questions are less about the issues and more things like “The other candidate said this about you what do you say about him,” as if they are hoping for a “Jerry Springer Show” like rating boost. Now suppose your best candidate drops out, he is polling bad the with pointy heads asking the questions and their followers, he is done.  That is the story of Rand Paul dropping out of the Presidential Race.

America is too dumb for a smart President. Cruz is a dumbed down Rand Paul. I hold that law school can make you stupid. It can be a self inflicted form of brain damage. You end up saying things like “There is right and wrong and justice, then there is the law.”  You end up taking an oath to defend someone you know is guilty.

Trump? I guess he is my guy now. He isn’t just stupid. He has something all the other candidates lack: self-knowledge. He knows he is stupid. Really, listen to him. You can listen to Cruz and Rubio BS on a topic they don’t know. They both have a “tell.”  Rubio? He talks about his faith to stall. Cruz? He answers a different somewhat related question and goes on–takes a deep breath first. Trump? He can be heard to say something like this, let’s say you asked him about the price of marshmallows in Montana.

” I care about the good people of Montana. I love Montana. I have been to Montana. I own businesses in Montana. I employee people in Montana. I have good people there. We will do marshmallows in Montana better than anybody else. I will have people for that. Good people.”

Not unlike Ronald Reagan, he can actually delegate.

If we have to have a stupid President– and apparently we do—vote for the guy who knows he is stupid and is highly successful and rich being stupid. Vote for Donald Trump



There is one candidate that is hated by the media, the democrat liberal establishment, and by the Republican liberal establishment. That would be Rand Paul.

Trump gave money to Hillary. The media claims to hate Trump, but it is more of a love – hate thing. He is great for ratings. Jeb Bush and others like to attack Trump for inconvenient truths he brings up on the Clintons– but where is the support for freezing Rand Paul out of the debate?

Could the media and the payed – for mouthpieces be colluding to freeze out Rand Paul?

Rand Paul wins the debate, by forfeit.



Comedian David Spade made a well publicized comment, shouldn’t Obama have more dignity….see the story

I like Spade’s comedy but I hate the position he has put me in….defending Obama.

No, Mr. Spade, Obama shouldn’t have more dignity. Let me explain with an old corny joke that by the way I heard you use

” I am no doctor but it is okay, I play one on TV”

Saying Obama should have more dignity is like saying you should be smarter because you played a doctor on TV–Obama is no President, he plays one on TV.

That is the biggest reason I am not on the Trump band wagon. I am sure he would play a good President on TV. He played. Great leader on the apprentice anyway.

We need a real president. An adult.

I stand with Rand


FDR memorialized a concept in his famous address after the dastardly and unprovoked sneak attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. It is a date that shall live in infamy.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

I have one New Year’s Resolution, and one prayer for my country I will pray every day. I hope and pray that we don’t get caught up in the fear of fear itself.

The power of the terrorist is in fear. Attacks are almost 100 percent fatal to the murderers. They can’t fly planes into everybody’s living room. Statistically you have an extremely tiny percentage chance of being caught in a terror attack. You have a greater chance of dying from one of your more risky selfies, if you believe “Mashable.”

Terrorists want us to be afraid and to act on that fear in ways that help them advance their agenda.

With Obama’s gun control executive action, he has officially become the terrorist in chief. He wants to use fear to advance gun control legislation. As one of his yes men once said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Let’s face it. 24 hour news has everyone afraid of their own shadow. I have friends who are afraid to eat food because the fat might kill them or because it isn’t organic. Our kids wear helmets when they leave the house practically. We have bullying. The only bullying I experienced for any length of time was from my Dad. I told him about a bully at school. He told me that he had my back with the teachers, “you hit him or I will hit you.” Say what you want about my Dad and his generation, it worked. They didn’t have metal detectors on any of the schools back then either.

Defeating terrorism is necessary. Helmets and nutrition aren’t bad things. The level of fear and anxiety laced speech has never been worse.  Fear itself.

What besides fear itself would lead Americans to tolerate the civil rights violations from the NSA spying on them?  We have more to fear from the government than we do from terrorists.


Our milk toast representatives scare us about a government shutdown. Perhaps a government shut down would be a good thing. Let’s plan one. Let’s shutdown non-essential services for a couple months every year. The sun would still rise.  Send the bums home two months a year, cut the budget by 10 percent maybe.

Rand Paul’s competitors paint him as isolationist or not strong on defense. This is not true. He is the only one who wants to pay for what we spend on defense, the only one who recognizes that a bankrupt nation is a national security threat.

Take a chance. Read a book. Turn off the TV. Above all , do not fear fear itself. You will make a bad choice, like one of the choices that got us Obama.

Stand with Randnomajorcases




I link below to a very well put together post presenting a view on how to stop mass shootings. I share the author’s concern, but disagree with his conclusion. His argument is pro-Obama gun control:

“All it takes is one good guy with a gun……” – ‘2015: The Year in Mass Shootings’ –

I have a different view. Consider this link from the CDC.

The mass shooting map is not that impressive really, compared to drunk driving deaths. Do we ban cars?

I Stand with Rand. Freedom is how we stop mass shootings. It comes down to personal responsibility.

Do you realize that in most shootings, the guns were illegally obtained? the majority of the shooters were mentally impaired in some way? Then there are the jihadists we choose to not call jihadists…..

Some call it a crisis in mental health treatment, not guns.

I would go further and say it is a legal crisis. If a crazy person gets a gun and kills people, or a crazy lady gets a car and purposely runs down people like in Mr Mercedes as most recently happened in Vegas, someone should be accountable: the Uncle that gave the crazy reclusive kid the key to his gun locker, to the doctor who let the kid out of the asylum.


We also need more good people to have guns. Responsible, trained people with concealed carry weapons have stopped many criminals. Many in law enforcement are calling for all people with permits to carry.


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