World’s collide in my happy thanksgiving message this year. We are told it is politically correct to not talk about religion and politics with relatives.  It is a cardinal sin to mix religion and politics. We also need to know our audience and not embarass them by trying to educate them or say anything their itching ears don’t want to hear. We are told this by liberals–so I am going to flagrantly sin against the druid church of liberalism by talking Bible exposition to enlighten politics. I am also going to step on your toes with mathematics and economics.

We are starting with the book of Genesis, chapters 47 and 48. Go read it. I will wait. If you are feeling too lazy to press the keys to go to Bible Gateway, no worries I will tell you the story.

Years have passed since Joseph showed off his coat of many colors to his brothers for the very last time. Joseph has risen from prison to become Pharaoh’s right hand man. Pharaoh is a party animal, and Joseph is essentially the ruler of Egypt.  These chapters are rich with verses used by preachers to teach on God’s providence in suffering, usually boiling to to the verse where Joseph tells his brothers “what you meant for evil God meant for good.” It describes how he was able to save people, including the whole tribe of Israel, because he was betrayed, jailed and generally abused.  I am going a different way with it, focusing on some other verses, other aspects of the story hidden in plain sight.

Notice that Joseph directs the government in years of plenty to store up for the coming years of famine. As an aside, I think too much is made of Joseph’s prophetic dream as inspiration for doing this. In every year of plenty, years of famine are right around the corner. This was simply wise management.

Since I want to be expository, let’s look at God’s word. Specifically, Genesis 47:21.

And Joseph reduced the people to servitude, from one end of Egypt to the other.

This is not a typical choice for a memory verse. It should be. Joseph had saved up in years of plenty for the government. The people had not saved up. The government offered aid in the form of the grain they had saved up, and took everything from the people: their land, their animals, as a tax to pay for their social program. Does this sound at all familar?

God puts his people, like Joseph, in places to save us, to take lemons and make lemonade. Consider this: if Jacob had stored up in years of plenty, there would have been no need to go to Egypt, to be captive in Egypt by big government, to need to be led out if Egypt by Moses generations later.

This informs our current times. It is extremely relevant. Consider Obamacare, the entire welfare state structure. It is built on the stupidity, immorality and hard heartedness of conservative Christian people. Obama may be a left wing extremist, but he didn’t create the welfare state—he merely watered it and made it grow.

Yep. I am calling out many of my fellow conservative christians. You are against Obamacare. Do you take care of your aging parents, or is that something you left for the government to do?  Did you sock money away in years of plenty, or like most did you buy beer with it? Beer, or too big a house, a boat— you get me?  Much of our current servitude to the government has to do with our personal finance management being even worse than the well documented lost cause of the Federal government. The opportunty for government to grow into tax funded programs to take care of widows and orphans was created by this massive chasm created when churches didn’t do it– perhaps due to being preocuppied with weightier matters, such as whether the music should be old timey or new timey. Statistics bear this out. Churches split over stupid materialistic things. Most people don’t save in years of plenty and are totally dependent on government.

Happy Thanksgiving. The good news, the happy news is it is up to you to turn the tide. We may not be able to get BO out for a couple years, but you can position yourself by saving in years of plenty. You may not be able to make abortion illegal, but you can take care of a teenager having a crisis pregnancy.


I don’t know if the cop in Ferguson did a perfect job. I do know that Chinese people never rioted in Chinatown when somebody Chinese got shot. I have some something uncommon to lend to the situation: common sense.

- Suppose you were an event planner on some black version of “The Apprentice.” Al Sharpton (playing the role of Donald Trump) tasks you with planning a race riot. Hell, he got rich planning race riots. I think in order to move on to the next level, you might maximize the impact by foreshadowing the verdict days ahead, announce that you called out the national guard then not send them, then close schools and release the verdict at night on the tail end of “happy hour,” right before a holiday. In other words, if you were planning a race riot this is just how you would do it. We put out a fire with gasoline. Bravo Obama, on purpose race riots–community organizing at its obama-nation best. Perhaps this was a quell? Obama version of the Clinton aspirin factory bombing?

- Just because I don’t support rioting doesn’t mean I am an Officer Moore supporter. I don’t have any more facts than anyone else. I don’t support looting, and I am not blind deaf or dumb. The line Obama and Holder are selling about a small percentage of violent protesters is not credible.

- Officer Moore and the black perp were both 6’4″. The perp weighed more. So? Cops, before we feminized the police by adding women and made it “fair” by making it more “inclusive” to not discriminate against people who might be weak or unathletic, used to be “bad-asses.” I would like to think a 6’4″ cop could beat the living shit out of a drugged up undisciplined insolent fat kid with one hand, with his mag light or night stick, without breaking a sweat. He should be a real life Jack Reacher or at least Andy Griffith. As much as I think the perp was in the wrong, political correctness is the heart of the problem. I know every cop show shows some “strong female lead” who is a 90 pounds wet half starved supermodel who smacks around giant muscle men with rabbit punches, but real life doesn’t work quite that way!! Supposing Officer Moore wasn’t a wussy, it might be politically unfeasible in our litigatory environment ….for a cop to do anything but shoot.

Two of my favorite websites for news is Yahoo News and The Onion. The Onion is a satirical website, fake news to be funny. Yahoo is even funnier–it is fake news by liberals that is even funnier because they think they are journalists. When the GOP swept the elections their headline was: Hillary Clinton big winner in elections. The latest Ferguson news story took Ann Coulter to task for some “mean” comment that made thousands of black people go looting.


This is a work of fiction, a re-boot of Huxley’s Brave New World corrected and updated for our times. I am baffled and depressed at the lack of Republican response, at this scared new world.

The only non-fiction worth writing with regard to Obama’s last speech is out of my expertise and others can do better: how to buy a personal firearm that works best with home made ammo. Set in the not to distant future, this fictional post takes place in the season just prior to Obama’s historic 5th term. It is merely a collection of future news stories, my own version of “before it’s news,” perhaps before it actually happens.

It was an unseasonably cold fall, with record snowfalls – that is snowfalls already, at it was only November. The Obama Adminstration had explained away that the rising temperatures and sea level rises predicted by Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth” had only been averted by his executive order declaring coal a narcotic and directing the FDA to treat it as a controlled substance. The lowering temperatures and lowering sea levels were due to sunspot and solar activity, masking global warming. One reporter asked why sunspot activity couldnt explain warming. He was committed to a mental hospital in Siberia the next day, and became a cellmate with Bill Cosby.

Obama’s latest executive order is popular with much of the country, the affordable holiday act– providing a government program to help people celebrate the holidays such as the holiday that used to be known as Christmas— as the slogan goes “because gifts are a human right.”

It is years ago now that Obama’s historic executive order response to the 9-11 anniversary attack happened. A suitcase nuke blew up in Detroit. Some say a nuke never went off, that it just looked like a nuclear winter due to Democrat policies and Obama was just using it as an excuse. The executive order outlawed all offensive holidays that were the cause of the attack by offending other people of faith: Christmas was the cause of the attack and it had to be fixed.  Santa Claus is replaced with “Father Frost” and the baby Jesus is replaced with “New Years Boy.”

The immigration executive order “broke the dam.” Soon there was an executive order monthly, then weekly, then daily.  The executive order outlawing talk radio pushed Rush Limbaugh underground, broadcasting unimpeded via the internet from an undisclosed location. Hannity wasn’t as lucky, as he was banished to GITMO with members of Congress charged with treason for conducting a filabuster. Even democrats debated whether or not this executive order was an over-reach, but in the end, the executive order suspending national elections made the point moot.

There was a severe shortage of lawyers needed to litigate all of the active lawsuits. Notably, a young lady was suing the YMCA and twenty of its male patrons for harassment. One day she decided to use the men’s locker room and youtubed a video of herself nude walking around the men’s locker room. She was well endowed, and it went viral. Youtube was sued because “You” a gender neutral pronoun was actually an offense to women because it took no affirmative action towards reparation of past offenses to women. By court order youtube changed its name to shetube.

The affordable care act made managing personal risk a collective government decision. It now violated the law to be in any motorized vehicle without a helmet, steel toed shoes and safety goggles.

School curriculum was redesigned to teach and encourage homosexuality, as a sustainable means of population control. Many androgenous liberal women like Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno and Michael Moore made public service announcements for the “Be Happy-Be Gay” campaign with an add program titled “what difference does it make?”

There were more power outages. There were odd explosions, and an increased military presence. There were even more stories the news wouldn’t report. There was an occasional story about what they called “domestic terrorism.” — When whole divisions of the army defected to the rebellion and were guarding cities in the midwest, it.wasn’t terrorism–it was civil war.


My Fellow Americans ________noun____  would not act so I did. I have a work around: call it a Presidential Pardon. I hearby pardon by executive action and legalize ___large number____   __plural noun  . I will not tolerate anyone discriminating against these folks and will use the full force of the government to protect them. I will bring every government gun to bear.

Or close to it.

We are expecting to hear, in summary:

My Fellow Americans. Congress would not act.  I legalize 5 million illegal immigrants. I will use the guns of the government to enforce it.

What’s next?

My Fellow Americans. Congress would not act.  I legalize 5 hundred
sharia law counties. I will use the guns of the government to enforce it, to remove the christians or help them assimilate.

My Fellow Americans. Congress would not act.  I legalize a 30 state  gun free zone. I will use the guns of the government to enforce it, to remove the guns if necessary. Resistance is futile.

My Fellow Americans. The Supreme Court would not act.  I legalize 5 million untradional marriages: same sex, and to trees. I will use the guns of the government to enforce it. No trees can be cut down. Trees are people too.

Don’t get me wrong. I care about illegal immigration. That is a little tiny issue compared to the Constitutional Crisis the GOP seems ready to let happen.

Impeach Obama. Grow a set. It is not an easy road. We are out of roads. The republic is at stake.


I love McDonald’s. They do fast food better than anyone else at the moment. I am not ashamed to say I love McDonald’s. I am not fat. The last 5K I went in I medalled in my age group. I love processed foods. Super size me. I only wish McDonald’s had a meal plan credit card like our cafeteria did at college, I would never even use the kitchen.


A big part of my processed foods manifesto rant is explaining why it has become necessary. This is for the coven of soccer moms who brainwash with junk science. This is for the lady who wants us to do as she does and have our kids call McDonald’s food “yuck food,” as if they can brainwash them that easily. This is for the lady who told my wife to substitute the high fiber no gluten pasta in the family dinner no one would notice and we would be a healthier family, triggering an IBS attack I could not explain until I got serious about my food journal and finally figured it out. That kind of thing pisses a guy off, you know?  Memo to people who are over weight: you are fat because you eat too much and exercise too little. You could eat McDonald’s every meal and lose weight. 


Theoretically, a family can save tremendously by eating at home as opposed to eating out. When one shops at ” Whole Foods” and “Trader Joe’s,” you can actually eat cheaper on a McDonald’s meal plan. Prices vary depending on where you live, but $ 6.50 per pound is not a bad estimate of what you pay for this bad tasting tough meat. This is $ 1.75 for a delicious quarter pound- add cheese, tomato, a bun– you can have a quarter pounder with cheese made for you for about the same price sans aggravation.


I have a degree in chemical engineering. I believe in living through chemistry. I am concerned about contaminants in food. This nonsense about Monsanto and genetically engineered foods is the worst kind of nonsense. All domesticated foodstock has been “genetically engineered” for at least 500 years. We didn’t have the advanced techniques we do now 500 years ago, but we selectively bred for the traits we found desirable. Here are some facts you won’t hear from vegan activists: No chemical test can distinguish between artificial and natural hormones that are supposedly harmful. The carbon footprint of grass fed beef is enormous.  If you want to learn more, visit . Steve Milloy does a wonderful job with these issues, amd exposing the organic food lobby and the true motives behind alot of these activists.

One of the coven profits from her organic nonsense, selling organic cleaners- at extreme prices.

The coven of soccer moms really got me hot under the collar just recently. The jist was processed foods are somehow unbiblical. We are messing with how God made things. We should eat like Daniel did in the book of Daniel.

You myopic witches. The world is starving. You have no problem spending big bucks on designer yuppie food, when my understanding is Jesus changed all of the special dietary requirement stuff– he chided people to feed the hungry, care for widows and orphans—the coven would like to fly in, get off their brooms and sweep away what Jesus actually said and create a new super kosher class of food and have it all be about self–and lecturing me on their higher spirituality. It is disgusting.

I have a favorite processed food, available at McDonald’s and almost anywhere in the USA. Perhaps we can agree this is a great processed food. I just love processed water. I would encourage the coven to fire up the Lexus, or grab a broom and go down to Mexico and drink some of that organic water. It has got fiber. You can skip your yuppie spa’s colon cleansing treatment, this will be 2 birds with one stone. It might be a more thorough colon cleansing than you bargained for, that is what cholera does. A large cholera outbreak occurred on South America in the 70’s when they stopped disinfecting their drinking water out of fear of cancer from adding chemicals to water.


Me, I am staying with processed water.


The main point of this article is to present a convincing argument that globalism is imperialism. My secondary point is that understanding this is life changing.  It can change your life, your politics, and your world view.

I hate imperialism. My school teacher wife chides me when I say hate.

” Hate’s a strong word” she says.

I have learned to half smile and keep my trap shut at that point. Early in our marriage, I would debate censorship of words, how in the Bible the prudes interpret the greek “scubbala”  Paul wrote as “rubbish” but it really meant “shit.” I digress. My main point is words should mean something— damn it.

Imperialism is a strong word.

We are into weak words, as if a rose by another name would smell even sweeter, to bastardize Shakespeare.

Take “Globalism.” What does it really mean? Not what you think it means. It is the liberal elite word for imperialism.

Consider some of the imperialistic invasions the West had made on the uncivilized godless barbarians. Excuse me, I can’t call them that, those are strong words. I mean the third world.  Excuse me again, we are supposed to call them developing countries now. The shit runs in the streets, whatever you choose to call it, and it doesn’t smell like roses.

We export life. Life is cheap in North Africa. We give them food, aid, sanitation, medicine–we share Jesus with them. We save lives. They have Al Queda training camps, homicide bombs, and endless ethnic civil war at the tribal level they export to us.

 Life is cheap in China. When I brought my daughter home from China, many of the  very nice and friendly Chinese people we met did not understand why we would pay more than an average chinese national’s annual wages to adopt a child, a girl child no less. This was just more evidence of how frivolous, decadent and rich Americans were for them.

In John it says of the light of the world, “the darkness has not understood it.”
We export life, and the barbarians don’t understand it. They export death.

We have this cultural blindspot that our “do good” activities will be appreciated. This is a great deception. I have no words to convince, only facts if you choose to accept them. When I spent time as a relief worker in Somaliland distributing food during one of the many famines, our team was able to do it without bringing any food. All we needed was money. The food freely donated by Western nations was locked up by local Ethopian War Lords. We bought the donated food to give to the starving. Ethiopians consider Somalis as dogs, rabble, less than human. The food distribution itself was dicey. At some point there is no food left to give out, and that pisses people off–not alot of positive feedback offered to people giving out food. We had a merc with us for protection and I didn’t know why in my naivete until we were getting ready to leave.

We had some women in our group, nurses. They told us one of their
women was worth about 5 camels, they were fine property. I guess they were fishing for what an American woman costs.

We export life. We also export alot of our cultural garbage. It is hard enough to blend in, then add the MTV on the airport monitor behind your head showing soft porn. This tends to piss people off too. Some think that our rescue of starving people is an invasion of sorts, making their culture weak by allowing the weak to survive. Not my belief, but what has been shared with me.

Imperialism is marked in people’s minds as a big invading and occupying army. Much of what we export is as harmful as if we were an invading army.

Consider the current ebola outbreak. It could be viewed as a direct result of Western aid policy. We didn’t have a policy where we took over the barbarians and set up sanitation, that would be “wrong,” violating their soveriegnty. We didn’t leave them be but provided food and support, to do otherwise wouldn’t be “social responsibility.” So, we created an incubator for any and all new strains of disease from Aids to Z, including ebola.

Imperialism is globalism with bad optics.

Understanding this relationship is life changing. Foriegn aid is a serious thing with far reaching consequences.

We need to end the fuzzy policies of half measures. For example, let us revisit Iraq, or any country we might invade to liberate. People blamed Bush for not having an “Exit Strategy.”  I would say if you accept globalism is imperialism and it comes to an invasion, you need no exit strategy but an assimilation strategy, a colony making strategy, a conquest plan. Otherwise, you should not invade.

We shouldn’t “do good” to be appreciated. We shouldn’t do it out of guilt, or the PC name for guilt “social responsibility. ” We should do it out of Christian love, brotherly love. Read Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue of Selfishness” she explores this concept thoroughly.

As a US military man finding myself off active duty and part of a civilian famine relief team, I found myself thinking some thoughts not shared by most in the mission field. For example, I don’t think we should have negotiated with an Ethiopian warlord to buy back donated food to give to starving people. I think the most just and all around humane thing to do would have been to grab him by the nose and kick him in the ass, to borrow a turn of phrase from General Patton. The rule of law needed to be established.

I am not advocating for imperial America conquering the world, the “World’s Policeman.” I am not for isolationism either. All I am saying is let’s not feed and arm the people who are trying to kill us. Recently we sent American troops to help contain ebola. This is imperialism. I would contain ebola by cutting off all flights from the country. If I was going to send troops, I would send the third army and fix it right, make it into a US territory.

I am advocating for consistency, logic, and leadership. Where ever you are, be all there. If we are going to war, let’s do something extravagantly constitutional like declaring it. Maybe I am
old fashioned. I have this radical idea that putting a pig in a tuxedo doesn’t make it a prince.  Comments welcome.


What now? I am glad my candidates won, don’t get me wrong. Things are going to be better, God willing.

It would be a disaster to believe the press clippings and think we have “control” and that every problem we have can be chalked up to Obama’s incompetence and poor leadership.

It would be lunacy to overlook Boehner’s blubbering, McCain’s apparent senility, and the fact that the opportunity for democrats to lead those years ago was created by Republicans becoming Democrat Lite.

A long time ago we had the ” Contract with America.”

I would propose the Agreed Order with America.

What is an agreed order?

It is commonly associated with corrective actions for utilities like sewer utilities that violate their discharge permits.

The enforcer agency and the utility agree to corrective actions. If they are not complete at the scheduled time, there are stipulated penalties.

In the recent election we the people were the enforcer agency. The stipulated penalty was ejection from office.

We need to specify corrective actions. The stipulated penalty is once again ejection from office. I would add impeachment. I have heard the arguments that it helps the democrats. It is a weak argument. It has no substance, and is based on perception not any real facts.

Here is my list of corrective actions.

Impeach Obama- Obama could be out of office two years and on a golf course, and I would still want him impeached as a matter of principle. I think there are treasonous acts that need investigated. There may be jail time in his future if it were up to me. The Massad does not give up on Nazi War criminals. We should never give up either. He is a bad man with bad intentions.  Nothing pisses me off more than hearing McCain or Boehner talk about what a nice man this destroyer of babies is.

Solve the Military Identity Crisis- Ask defense contractors for a new generation of equipment. I envision a large  tank or tracked vehicle equipped with instead of a cannon something that spray paints, or lays concrete quickly to make buildings, roads, lay water mains, to build.  If we are into nationbuilding, let’s do it right. If the way to stop terrorists is to throw money at them and build them a country, let’s retool and re-arm.
There is another possibility. It could be terrorism without sponsors is a kind of fiction. This is war. It would not exist if someone did what George W Bush said and never did: treat people who support terrorism as terrorists themselves.
In that case you need a military that breaks things and blows stuff up. It needs to kill people. If we are willing to have rules of engagement where we kill terrorism’s supporters, it would end in a day.

Implement the Gaza Doctrine in Gaza and at the Mexico Border-  The mideast crisis would not exist if the USA had not strong armed Israel into giving back the land justly acquired through defensive military action in the 6 days war. This creates a militarily defensive perimeter that includes highlands at the border, no places to lob rockets, dig tunnels and so forth. I am in favor of increased border security, but there is a reason the fence hasn’t been built yet beyond the political. It is logistically hard and not the smartest course from a military standpoint. We should tell Mexico we will invade their country within 90 days if they do not stop the influx. We invade to acquire a more defensible border. If we conquer all of Mexico, we police a much smaller border—with Guatemala. We could have military planners look at it and mimimize the land acquisition if that is the compromise the American people want. Perhaps we take the desert, follow the river to the mountains, whatever takes best advantage of the terrain features.

Throwback Thursday- Repeal Obamacare, lower taxes, legalize coal, unblock keystone pipeline, undo everything skippy did. This helps, but is not the answer. Healthcare is not perfect without Obamacare. Only a liberal would make marijuana legal and coal illegal. Perhaps we should call coal a drug? Idiots.

If we had spent half the money we wasted on solar panels in the last 6 years on nuclear, we just might be energy independent.

The end of political campaigns as we know them- At the end of the day, you work for the person who signs your check. A review of show that politicians, democrat and republican alike, get rich in office. The salaries for their positions don’t explain it. Term limits would help: the longer they are in office the richer they get. Campaign Finance Reform just complicates things with no real effect.  I would suggest the extreme measure of outlawing any and all contributions. The internet is free.  You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. There is John Lennon. You won’t see this idea from anyone else. Consider this: In the days of Lincoln, the average community had one newspaper, mail by pony express, no radio, no TV, and circuit riders who dispensed justice from portable courtrooms. The average person gets a million times more information than they did for free.

There is more that could be done, sure. If we could get this agreed order closed out, we might be America again.


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