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A bucket list is a list of things you would like to do before you “kick the bucket,” things to do before you die. I have my political bucket list—it is a list of things I would love to see happen in politics before I die. When you dream, you should dream big. I may have to live a mighty long time and not kick the bucket any time soon.

– The last vestige of Obamacare is repealed when an Obamacare death panel declares Joe Biden and John McCain are both obsolete–they have no function.  (see chilling old Twilight Zone episode called the obsolete man—or wait a few years and live it.)

– Many politicians decline to run for re-election because after campaign contributions were outlawed the sacrifice of being a public servant is too big of a financial hardship compared to the regular middle class day job they used to have and to which they return. People in office are less photogenic but are there because they actually give a crap.

– A proper 9-11 Memorial is finally built, a 30 foot gallows at ground zero. Gitmo is closed when it is emptied by hanging one terrorist a week on it. It becomes a boom for the local economy with ticket sales, peanuts, cotton candy etc. The experts are once again proven wrong as an aggressive response to terrorism is shown to disincentivize terror attacks.  This whole incentive versus disincentive thing catches on, and death row is emptied.

– Congress makes an official apology to George W Bush for the national record. He never lied. Not one time. He goofed on stimulus, sure, but with stupidity, not any lapse in integrity.

– A tell-all book is written by an Obama Administration insider telling about all of the drugs ( They have to be on drugs, what other explanation can there be)

– Congress passes a bill legalizing all drugs through franchises granted to the major tobacco companies. Drug use declines drastically as it is taxed and the companies are made to finance antidrug add campaigns: the war on drugs is won thru infiltration and sabotage.

– Three new states are admitted into the United States of America, Yucatan, Baja, and Chiwawa. A statue of the US General who liberated Mexico is dedicated in Mexico City.

– Global warming experts switch to global cooling and are even more universally funny.

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I had an opportunity early in my professional career to earn a commission and serve in the United States Navy. I was an officer of the deck (OOD,) a “ship driver” on a nuclear powered guided missile cruiser. Having “the deck” of a warship is one of the greatest thrills you can have this side of heaven, it is a rush. There is a “lessons learned” case history and training video that is required of every aspiring OOD.  It is a re-enactment of the performance of the bridge crew prior to a disastrous -collision at sea.  The OOD is responsible for supervising a maneuvering board (Mo- board,) or graphical calculation of course, speed and closest point of approach (CPA) with other ships in the formation. Many errors are made to lead to disaster, but all alone are recoverable. At the critical point in the video where their fate is sealed the OOD is heard to say:

 “This looks to close for a mo board, I’m going to have to eyeball it.”

Large ships turn, speed up and respond very slowly—the eye is easily deceived.  There are times where you need to trust your math and not your eyes, as your eyes will tell you of trouble far too late.  As you might expect, this “going to have to eyeball it” line sticks with the community of OOD’s: we use it as a verbal cattle prod— as a sarcastic way to chide a junior officer into looking at his indications and not just how things may look on the surface.  To be a good OOD you must be “other-worldly” you must reject the reality of what your eyes are telling you and go with — the math, the mo board, the indications of your instruments created just for that purpose. Airplane pilots can tell the same story, of how vertigo can fool your senses and how you must use your instruments to “apprehend reality.”

Every community of professionals I have been part of has its own little story like this one. As a navy nuke we had one that is much harder to explain but the same thing “just throw water on it”  Many operational problems with a nuclear reactor getting too hot can be made into disasters by throwing cold water on it–you can have a “cold water accident” and take a reactor “prompt critical”—the common sense thing to do disagrees with the math and the science.

Christians suffer from not using their instruments. They don’t experience the Universal Presence. They don’t read the Bible, they don’t pray—they don’t even study science and do the math!  Watching the cascading errors in a naval tragedy develop is chilling, each step seems so logical but so wrong. It is a great analogy for watching lives fall apart of people who say “I can stop any time I want,” “It feels right,” and the most pious one “I just don’t feel called to do that…”

They listen to “mumbo jumbo” from other people who are eyeballing it.

Christians must be “other-worldly” and live in the presence. The thing that would be funny if it weren’t so tragic is that Christians will ignore their indications by saying they need to live in “the real world” and believe their senses and how it feels, when every profession in the world teaches you not to “eyeball it” and they are unlikely to eyeball it on their tasks at work


( Yep, the training video is available on you tube— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb7f6c5BcK4#t=584  It is called “I relieve you Sir”  )


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Time marches on, and we are once again approaching the beginning of another football season. There is a famous saying that “art imitates life.”  I don’t know that football is an art, but if you look at it with an eye on history, the changes in the game certainly reflect the changes in our society. Here are just a few:


The rules of football have swollen from a few lines to 244 pages, containing details beyond the imagination of George Blanda and the original men of the grid iron. This is right in line with our tax code and bills irresponsible leaders pass without reading


The game used to have two officials. Now there is a team on the ground, team in a booth, intercession from league officials watching at home—no one can say how many officials, it is truly a collective.


The iron men of yesteryear played both ways, and wore fewer and smaller pads. It is hard to prove, but I believe the lightweight engineered plastic pads lead to more injuries. Players wouldn’t use their heads as a weapon if their heads and necks weren’t armored, for example. We have all kinds of mandatory protections in the laws now that function the same way. People get in higher speed car accidents in cars that handle better because they can.


Instant replay is the litigation of sports. I would say our ancestors are watching us on the big screen TV in heaven and laughing at us, but they would have turned it off a long time ago out of boredom. 4 hours for a 60 minute game? Instant replay is destroying the game but it seems normal, we litigate every damn thing. This is America.


People always rooted for their teams, sure. Somewhere it went sideways: Instead of “My team won” it turned into “We won”  a victory by entitlement, a right to riot and carry on.


Can Sams play football well? It doesn’t matter. He is gay and proud. How about Tebow? Doesn’t matter, not in line with the hedonistic culture. The league is designed like the federal government to prop up incumbents. Bret Farve is only the most obvious example (to name someone is to generate hate mail) Aaron Rogers had him beat years before Green Bay showed him the door, but the name got votes—-er filled seats.

Try not to ponder these things to deeply and enjoy the season. It would just ruin it if you thought about it too much, no escaping the collective.

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I have a very dangerous leadership secret. A man can change his stars with it. If you don’t know this secret and begin to apply it, even sparingly, it is a game changer. It is not political really—but it could be said that it is more of a secret to conservatives than liberals, from empirical evidence.

Leadership is influence. This is not a secret, but a well accepted concept, taught in military leadership training, as well as by John Maxwell, Stephen Covey and all of the leadership guru’s.

Leadership is a superpower. Superman can fly and take out a missile, a leader can call in an air strike and take out a dozen missiles.

The leadership secret, if you can accept it, is simply this:

Leadership is sales.

Sales is leadership.

Leaders have status. Salesmen are the butt of jokes, and have the status of con men.

Great leaders have books and movies made about them: “Patton,” “Lincoln,” and “JFK.”  Do you remember that production about the salesman? Me either. Actually, I do remember one: “Death of a Salesman” by the communist Arthur Miller.

I have led organizations and managed relationships in a technical sales role. Leaders “crack the whip” and accomplish some things with positional authority, but it is with influence that you inspire and take the organization higher. Consider if you have 20 or more people working for you, that you can’t direct them in every task or follow up on every item —you influence them to work independently. When you are in technical sales, you are leading, influencing—you are problem solving. You are looking for that win-win solution.

Selling doesn’t mean lying. Making a sale by lying has another name: it’s called fraud.

Speaking of fraud, I am not a fan of the Democrat Party. I study them the way Patton studied Rommel. The DNC knows this leadership secret. That’s why they went with Obama. He sells.  He has “good optics.” He does like he is told by his handlers. It explains the golf and vacations: his role as first black president is reading his lines a couple times a week.

The GOP is resistant to selling and sales. This is a great irony if you think about it: the party of socialism embraces sales while the party of capitalism is too good for it and just wants “the facts.”

The GOP and teaparty wing especially says things that shed light on this hatred of sales. The TeaParty is a reaction to the fraud that our government has become. “Just the facts” is what we want. We talk of revolution, not of convincing people to our point of view. They have been sold a bill a goods, and have reacted in bitterness against not just fraud but salesmanship in general. This will lead to disaster.

I have read many books on sales, and even more on leadership. You could literally replace the word sales with leadership and remarket most sales books as leadership books.

Leadership is sales, sales is leadership. We need a candidate who doesn’t just have good ideas, but can sell them.

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The Obama cypher is hidden in plain sight. Often politicians stretch the truth. It is a bipartisan phenomenon. He hides lies with even more obscene lies. 

It is simple. Everything he says is a lie.

His defenders get traction by claiming people who criticize him are biased and bigoted, because “surely everything he says can’t be a lie…”

Yep, it is.

He said he would close Gitmo. If you want your doctor you can keep your doctor.

I don’t make a big deal out of the name “Obama”meaning “crooked” in an African language—because when he says “Hello my name is Barack Obama”  well—a lie—his college ID says Barry Soetoro.

This is important because we need to fix two idiotic GOP responses to Obama that are killing us.

The GOP says Obama wants to be impeached. He is daring us to impeach him.

–the real meaning of this is he doesn’t want to be impeached.

Lately with regard to ISIS he has said he  doesn’t have a strategy and seems unconcerned about their executions of non-muslims.
This means, of course he does have a strategy and it is working beautifully–protest with words, play golf, and pray the Caliphate comes to America soon. We need to impeach the traitor now.

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Suppose that instead of having a popularity contest to determine who becomes a candidate for being leader of the semi-free world, we posted an advertisement on the usual job boards.

This isn’t necessarily against the Constitution, so long as there is still a general election. What are the essentials of a President? Let’s write an add.

Chief executive officer of the largest corporate body of employees in the world, the Federal Government. Demonstrated ability to make business decisions, inspire others to better things, and demonstrated knowledge of mathematics, geography, economics, and foreign affairs.


US Citizenship
Registration for the draft
Military experience-any- officer, enlisted, active or reserve
college degree desired


Graduate degree in business administration, public administration or equivalent experience


At least 10 years experience leading an organization of more than 20 people making executive decisions.

Excellence in industry with at least 10 years in practicing career field (medicine, engineering, military, business, industry or other) with P and L responsibility with demonstrated success


List at least three references preferably former supervisors with knowledge of your work.

If this approach is good enough for the local widget factory, why do Presidential hopefuls get a pass? Obama would not rate an interview. Bill Clinton wouldn’t either.

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I have entered into my first ever fantasy football competition. My boy has made the transition from following Sponge Bob to Teddy Bridgewater and we can share a football game. It makes one just wonder though—-maybe I could start a fantasy government league.

First I would emulate my fantasy football league planner and hand out a cheat sheet. It would list top businessmen, clergy, doctors, professors and policemen in a locality. It would list captains of industry on the national elections.  You make your picks. Once a month we update the stats and see whose team won until we filled the fantasy elected offices. If the career stats and excellence of a police officer could be put in a box score the way one does a tail back, my fantasy government league might not be such a fantasy.

Pretend for a moment I found a way to work out that little detail. Rand Paul would make my cheat sheet, with his stats as a surgeon. Mitt Romney would make it, along with notably Donald Trump.  Joe Biden is a career politician and would have zero stats–having never played a position in the workforce.

When we were trash talking each other doing our fantasy football draft, someone commented:

I couldn’t pick the Dallas Cowboys defense if I wanted to—they aren’t even ranked!

Obama is such a lightweight he would not even make it onto anyone’s cheat sheet.  The most telling thing about liberals is their absolute lack of credentials, they are all emotion–they care ” for da child’n”

I remember when GWB was president the liberals painted it as a negative that he had experience in industry and with the oil industry. I suppose its preferable to have experience voting present or golfing.

Suppose instead of elections we posted “POTUS” on a job board. Would any democrat’s resume make it past the gatekeepers?

Send me a comment if you want to come to my fantasy government draft.

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