A couple stories in the news this week highlight that American foreign policy is not just foolish, but inconsistent
and illogical.  It is unfortunately a bipartisan phenomenon.  Let’s take a look at the upside down world of politics versus reality with regard to North Korea, and then Cuba.

North Korea

North Korean state sponsored hackers got into Sony to upset the release of a movie they didn’t like. Everyone in the press and the politicians are acting like they just bombed Pearl Harbor. People are crying that free speech has been impuned because Sony chose to delay releasing the picture. Are we insane?

The last time I went to the movies, I had  to pay to get in: not free speech. I know democrats have alot of confusion about where the limits of government end, but the last I checked with republicans and other sane people, sony was not the government or anything to do with national security. Sony could still release the movie. Our national security team of hackers (it is my guess I have no inside scoop) are on top of this and enjoying it a little: they got the neantherthal hackers from North Korea to showcase their best stuff in a silly attack on Hollywood, and are learning alot from it.  Attacking the leftists in Hollywood plays out so well politically for American NSA types I wonder outloud if they somehow engineered it. Hollywood is quite the political lobby. The danger to NSA funding from scandals may cease, and may actually have folks saying it should increase.

All in all, I am more afraid of Barack Obama’s tactics than Kim jun ill’s—and I am not sure which one is crazier.

If you started talking in general about a dictator not liking a movie and trying to kill it and punish the makers of it, I would think you were talking about Obama and the YouTube video that he allegedly thought caused a riot in Benghazi. I might think you were talking about Dinesh D’Souza being thrown in jail after making “America” for a clerical error that amounted to about 10 grand, while Al Sharpton cheated the government out of millions on taxes and goes to the White House more often than Yassar Arafat visited Clinton—which is alot.


Earlier I referred to republicans as sane people. The Cuba story might make me reconsider. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Opening with Cuba is not a bad thing. They kill people and have human rights violations. I would wager China kills more political prisoners annually than Castro has people and we trade with them. If we should embargo Cuba, we should break it off with China, Saudi Arabia, and a list of others. It is called engagement. It is a republican idea. Many are against it for one reason: Obama did it, it must be wrong. I am not a fan of Obama, but his actions need to be judged on their merit.


John McCain is all the proof you need that torture works: a few opinion polls turn him into an undercover liberal democrat. For that matter, look at the multitude of politicians who change after they get to DC.

We are side tracked. We are debating “does enhanced interrogation work” when we should be debating “do I want to empower my government to use this technique–and under what circumstances.”

Debating “does enhanced interrogation work” is like debating behavioral theory. Do rewards and penalties motivate people? When you burn yourself by grabbing the hot stove, does it hurt and are you less likely do it again?

You might as well do away with the penal system and give kids group grades in school (wait a minute—the liberals are pushing for that too.)

Liberals and conservatives should be able to agree on the simple point that it works.

Conservatives worried about big government should be very concerned not about does it work but is it rare, is it controlled, is it done only to save lives for national security reasons.

Let me put bells and whistles on it:

Suppose the political winds switch again. We have Hillary Clinton as President. She appoints the Obama’s as Supreme Court Justices-the historic first black couple on the court. There is a democrat super-majority in the Senate. Bill Clinton is in charge of the United Nations.

You are out peacefully protesting the reinstatement of the draft as the military mission has been changed from the war on terrorism to the war to save the planet, and insufficient numbers are signing up to go plant daisies in Kenya. You are arrested and based on your record, the administration wants information on conseratives to disrupt the protests so they water board you to find out who your contacts are. They consider it a matter of National Security, which for a liberal is equivalent to Job Security looking at the IRS and NSA. Are you good with the government having enhanced interrogation with no limits now?


The double standard is compelling. Liberals call for lapel cameras on cops to prove they are doing right, but producing identification to vote is discriminatory.

Where is the lapel camera on Hillary during Benghazi?

I want to see the lapel camera on Bill Clinton that proves he didn’t have sex with that woman.

The truth be known, we don’t need a lapel camera on Obama. He runs to every available camera. There is a digital mile of video of lie after lie, but it is ignored by the media.

I like the lapel camera idea for cops in the sense that it would prove that a cop wasn’t out “hunting a gentle giant.” I also know that video can be artfully clipped to tell the story you want to tell. A whole new version of the “cops” TV show could be built around it.

Police officer is a highly trained, high integrity position. It is not a job, it is a calling. No young person ever aspired to get rich by being a police officer. If you need a camera on a police officer, it is an insult. It is an inadvertent admission of guilt.

How about we put cameras on felons? Or liberals for that matter?

Let’s save the cost of the camera’s and throw more money at the NSA, they may have the whole thing on high res video from a spy satellite anyway.

Where is the lapel camera on Al Sharpton as he plots race riots?  What would Obama’s lapel camera show besides analysis of his golf swing?

I want that lapel camera that catches what liberals say in their closed fundraisers.


Huck Finn said that he would rather go to hell— it looked more like his sort of people, he couldn’t play no harp, couldn’t wear white long and expect it to stay that way, and so on. We will have work to do in heaven. If you want a deep theological argument, turn to Randy Alcorn’s book on heaven. I have some simpler logic. Man worked in the garden of eden before sin and death, he will work when sin and death are no more. The work will be more fulfilling. My evidence is partly anecdotal: sometimes work on earth can be that fulfilling. When I was Officer of the Deck on a nuclear powered cruiser doing “Div-tacs” with foreign fleets, myself and fellow watchstanders often remarked that it was “better than sex.”

Saying that there would be work in heaven is a side issue: the soft and cuddly path to my main point. What I choose to write about today is a difficult spiritual topic related to work. I am not sure I am up to the task. I certainly have failed at expressing this important spiritual truth in some one-on-one situations I have had.

My main point and original title of this post:

Beware the Christian Hobo.

Beware the guy who is out of work and has been praying for the phone to ring. You suggest he should make some calls and he interprets that as unspiritual. He lectures you on having faith.

Beware the guy who is between jobs but doesn’t feel called to apply for a job that is open when he doesn’t have one.

Beware the employee who is paid to do a job, but doesn’t do it. He uses mental gymnastics to make it a spiritual conflict when none exists. This is the guy who takes a job that requires weekend work and mandatory overtime, but then refuses to work because he has to “obey God and not man.” Beware the man who disrespects his bosses authority, and spins a menial work task like filling out a form as if it were a deep theological issue.

Beware the business who advertises as a Christian owned business and does bad work. Often these are great businesses run by Christian principles–and I don’t want to throw the baby away with the bath water. More often it is “Jesus added” along with “Gluten free” or “Done while you wait.” 

Work is a holy thing. We were meant to work. The Holy Spirit works. Jesus works.

Jesus road into town on an ass. I suggest if you are a Christ follower, get off yours.


We Americans are a critical sarcastic people. We justly take to task our Federal Government for, among other things: having no control over spending, and being in the habit of balancing the “checkbook” with debt. If I had a penny for every tweet or post in social media of some snarky comment saying that “well, I have to balance my checkbook and the government doesn’t.”  This is usually stated as if it is a real scoop, an original thought even.

If you are into black humor, the truly funny thing is the average American is in no position to criticize the government on money management. The average American, regardless of how much they earn and lifestyle, is a financial disaster worse than the government. The average is 5K in consumer debt and half the paycheck consumed with mortgage/house fixed expenses. It is not that we make too little, but always spend more than we make.  The borrower is the slave to the lender, and boy are we indebt, and especially to our government— with all we count on them to “do” for us.

There is a ton of great financial counsel out there. I am not a financial counsellor, and I don’t even play one on TV. Have the humility to seek help from a professional. I have one piece of financial advice to pass on. It is a simple piece with a large impact. It is something on which financial counsellors would agree.

“Pay yourself first.”

Before doing your budget, off the top, save and sock away a percentage. I have my own dangerous spin on it.

“Don’t pay the government first.”

You see, the statists are shrewd in their efforts to enslave and enthrall you. The government pays itself first out of your paycheck, with Federal withholding on every paycheck. It is said that if the average person had to pay the government last, that is, write  check.i April for what you “owe” the government it would really change your perception.

The problem with most financial advice is that although it is very rational it doesn’t take into account the emotional relational side. How many husbands chew tums every Christmas wondering what surprise rationale will occur this year and how many months it will take to pay off? If you put bumpers on the thing by never even seeing the money, having it autodeduct.

Don’t pay the government first. Pay yourself first.


World’s collide in my happy thanksgiving message this year. We are told it is politically correct to not talk about religion and politics with relatives.  It is a cardinal sin to mix religion and politics. We also need to know our audience and not embarass them by trying to educate them or say anything their itching ears don’t want to hear. We are told this by liberals–so I am going to flagrantly sin against the druid church of liberalism by talking Bible exposition to enlighten politics. I am also going to step on your toes with mathematics and economics.

We are starting with the book of Genesis, chapters 47 and 48. Go read it. I will wait. If you are feeling too lazy to press the keys to go to Bible Gateway, no worries I will tell you the story.

Years have passed since Joseph showed off his coat of many colors to his brothers for the very last time. Joseph has risen from prison to become Pharaoh’s right hand man. Pharaoh is a party animal, and Joseph is essentially the ruler of Egypt.  These chapters are rich with verses used by preachers to teach on God’s providence in suffering, usually boiling to to the verse where Joseph tells his brothers “what you meant for evil God meant for good.” It describes how he was able to save people, including the whole tribe of Israel, because he was betrayed, jailed and generally abused.  I am going a different way with it, focusing on some other verses, other aspects of the story hidden in plain sight.

Notice that Joseph directs the government in years of plenty to store up for the coming years of famine. As an aside, I think too much is made of Joseph’s prophetic dream as inspiration for doing this. In every year of plenty, years of famine are right around the corner. This was simply wise management.

Since I want to be expository, let’s look at God’s word. Specifically, Genesis 47:21.

And Joseph reduced the people to servitude, from one end of Egypt to the other.

This is not a typical choice for a memory verse. It should be. Joseph had saved up in years of plenty for the government. The people had not saved up. The government offered aid in the form of the grain they had saved up, and took everything from the people: their land, their animals, as a tax to pay for their social program. Does this sound at all familar?

God puts his people, like Joseph, in places to save us, to take lemons and make lemonade. Consider this: if Jacob had stored up in years of plenty, there would have been no need to go to Egypt, to be captive in Egypt by big government, to need to be led out of Egypt by Moses generations later.

This informs our current times. It is extremely relevant. Consider Obamacare, the entire welfare state structure. It is built on the stupidity, immorality and hard heartedness of conservative Christian people. Obama may be a left wing extremist, but he didn’t create the welfare state—he merely watered it and made it grow.

Yep. I am calling out many of my fellow conservative christians. You are against Obamacare. Do you take care of your aging parents, or is that something you left for the government to do?  Did you sock money away in years of plenty, or like most did you buy beer with it? Beer, or too big a house, a boat— you get me?  Much of our current servitude to the government has to do with our personal finance management being even worse than the well documented lost cause of the Federal government. The opportunty for government to grow into tax funded programs to take care of widows and orphans was created by this massive chasm created when churches didn’t do it– perhaps due to being preocuppied with weightier matters, such as whether the music should be old timey or new timey. Statistics bear this out. Churches split over stupid materialistic things. Most people don’t save in years of plenty and are totally dependent on government.

Happy Thanksgiving. The good news, the happy news is it is up to you to turn the tide. We may not be able to get BO out for a couple years, but you can position yourself by saving in years of plenty. You may not be able to make abortion illegal, but you can take care of a teenager having a crisis pregnancy.


I don’t know if the cop in Ferguson did a perfect job. I do know that Chinese people never rioted in Chinatown when somebody Chinese got shot. I have some something uncommon to lend to the situation: common sense.

- Suppose you were an event planner on some black version of “The Apprentice.” Al Sharpton (playing the role of Donald Trump) tasks you with planning a race riot. Hell, he got rich planning race riots. I think in order to move on to the next level, you might maximize the impact by foreshadowing the verdict days ahead, announce that you called out the national guard then not send them, then close schools and release the verdict at night on the tail end of “happy hour,” right before a holiday. In other words, if you were planning a race riot this is just how you would do it. We put out a fire with gasoline. Bravo Obama, on purpose race riots–community organizing at its obama-nation best. Perhaps this was a quell? Obama version of the Clinton aspirin factory bombing?

- Just because I don’t support rioting doesn’t mean I am an Officer Moore supporter. I don’t have any more facts than anyone else. I don’t support looting, and I am not blind deaf or dumb. The line Obama and Holder are selling about a small percentage of violent protesters is not credible.

- Officer Moore and the black perp were both 6’4″. The perp weighed more. So? Cops, before we feminized the police by adding women and made it “fair” by making it more “inclusive” to not discriminate against people who might be weak or unathletic, used to be “bad-asses.” I would like to think a 6’4″ cop could beat the living shit out of a drugged up undisciplined insolent fat kid with one hand, with his mag light or night stick, without breaking a sweat. He should be a real life Jack Reacher or at least Andy Griffith. As much as I think the perp was in the wrong, political correctness is the heart of the problem. I know every cop show shows some “strong female lead” who is a 90 pounds wet half starved supermodel who smacks around giant muscle men with rabbit punches, but real life doesn’t work quite that way!! Supposing Officer Moore wasn’t a wussy, it might be politically unfeasible in our litigatory environment ….for a cop to do anything but shoot.

Two of my favorite websites for news is Yahoo News and The Onion. The Onion is a satirical website, fake news to be funny. Yahoo is even funnier–it is fake news by liberals that is even funnier because they think they are journalists. When the GOP swept the elections their headline was: Hillary Clinton big winner in elections. The latest Ferguson news story took Ann Coulter to task for some “mean” comment that made thousands of black people go looting.


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