I have heard many NFL people come out of the closet and take the courageous position of being against domestic violence. I am not just talking regular people either, but demi-gods: NFL players, used up players turned announcer—even coaches.

I have a news flash: until we go under Sharia Law, this is not courageous or even worth saying.  It is an indication of either a need for an upgrade of the NFL’s program for preventing brain injury, or faux outrage based on the famous Shakespeare line “thou doth protest too much”–based on guilt.

Ray Rice is an idiot and a weak man to hit a woman like that. There is a cure. He needs his ass kicked. I volunteer my services. (Pick up the phone, I’m always home…..dirty deeds done dirt cheap…)
Statistically I doubt Rice is the worst. He lost the beauty pageant. Do you want to know the strong message the NFL is sending with his indefinite suspension?

“Don’t get caught.” Perhaps also:

“If you do get caught don’t get caught on video…”

The NFL is officially a beauty pageant. If they cared a wit about domestic violence, we would have had other suspensions based on bad acts and not “bad optics.” Perhaps the NFL would have an epiphany and realize that tackling people isn’t a life skill, and giving a young person more money and fame than he can handle so you can make billions has a name, its called “exploitation.”  We could make graduation from college mandatory before entry into the league.  Classes on liberal arts where you learn about femme fatales who would marry you for your money would be mandatory. The NFL hiring a couple of babes to advise them on domestic violence is patronizing and insulting.

The NFL is a beauty pageant. Rothensburger had several rape allegations–but no video.  You know, Ray Rice didn’t get arrested for what he did, but consider this graph of arrests of NFL players since 2000. In every case punishment is based on PR impacts.



Perhaps when all of the liberals get us under Sharia law, all of those brave commentators will be sharing wife beating stories. Maybe it will be half time show.

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Posted: September 16, 2014 in Conservative

Are we just not tough, or tough anymore? The much lauded “Greatest Generation” was undeniably tough. Our generation, not much. Let me share with you the exercise I went through naming this little piece: My second choice for a title was “Are we a bunch of wussies?”  Some would find this offensive, too harsh. Another choice was: ” Are we panzies?” This may offend gays, florists or both, “wimps” could be thought of as offensive to short people “imps,” in short, we aren’t even tough enough to hear criticism. Like Jack Nicolson said in that movie, we can’t handle the truth. This is a problem that goes much deeper than simple political correctness. It is the cause of terrorism.

We have all heard from a certain set of the experts. They throw around terms like “asymmetric warfare.” We are a big nation fighting little independent actors.  We do surgical strikes to get at the bad guys.

I would argue that all warfare is asymmetric. When we fought the Nazis, one could have constructed the same rationale whereby the nazi military was this asymmetric agent in control of this kind gentle peace loving population.

Suppose there is such a thing as moderate Islam. There are two possible reasons why they would not protest against extremism.  One is that they are too afraid of extremists to speak out. The other is that they don’t really see it as important, it is like nationalism for them, as it elevates them. The harm caused by terrorism seems small compared to their problems.

Somehow first Bush and now Obama hold this position that stopping radical islamic terrorism needs to be done and they are a real and present danger; we want to stop them with military action, but we don’t want to kill anybody. I am not for killing, I am for consistency. Going to war without the stomach for fighting is worse than not going. The familiar euphemism of bringing a knife to a gunfight comes to mind.

I find it incredible that the Israeli’s warn Hamas sympathizers with a phone call prior to bombing them–they just want to blow up the missiles someone put in their house. I think a study of Opetation Iraqi Freedom would show it was a major strategic and tactical error to no raze Mosul when we had the terrorists cornered there—because we wanted to avoid “civilian” casualties.

In the end, I think moderate islam does not exist but can be created through violent opposition to extremism. It becomes painful and bloody to oppose us too, they should fear us more than the extremists.

War is hell. I hate it. If we must go to war, let’s win it. Let’s fight with loaded guns and as Bush said but never did, treat those that harbor terrorists as terrorists.

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Posted: September 13, 2014 in Conservative

You have got to hand it to Obama, he may be brain damaged or just twisted, but you have to give him points for creativity. I mean: the Islamic State is not Islamic? Pundit Jonah Goldberg pointed out that it is not the worst ever case of Quakers gone wrong. 

Obama speaking is kind of like when the dog swallowed the wedding ring, perhaps we can sift through the pile of dung produced and find a golden nugget.

If what Obama is saying we need a paradigm shift, that the same old thing isn’t working, he has got a point. Cognitive dissonance aside, we need to think of ISIS differently than other Islam.  I know, know—so we make up another islam, a fake drug induced safe trendy one, like transcendental meditation or other new age stuff, and declare ISIS an apostate to the true prophet, who is actually Santa Claus.

Funny, but it is a bridge to far to pull it off outside of a comedy skit—which come to think of it describes the whole Obama Administration.

In the spirit of the President, here are some mind bending ideas—I call them seeds. They won’t work as is, but powerful when planted in the right person.


I have studied military history and tactics in graduate school, and written papers for passing grades on terrorism and asymmetric warfare in this new era. I am not a believer. There either is no asymmetric warfare, or all warfare is. We have been unwilling to do the killing and mayhem, the hell that is war, to make terrorism go away. We need to take it up a notch.


I am sympathetic to libertarian arguments for legalizing drugs, but am anti-drug.  The perfect compromise already exists: Tobacco-ize it. Legalize it but control and regulate it like tobacco.  Make it real expensive. Pay for anti-drug ads.


CEO’s of successful companies make really big bucks. Maybe we wouldn’t have a president who was bought off so easy if we paid him more.


Detroit being bankrupt is a great place to try out a theory. If we floridate drinking water for dental health, why not caffienate the water for financial health? Everyone is to wired and too focus to lie around.


This is the backdoor to breaking unions. If everyone is a member, it is just like nobody is. Prvilege goes away.

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Louder With Crowder

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Conservative

I just discovered Steven Crowder’s hilarious collection of youtube videos. If you haven’t checked this out yet I highly recommend it. I have toyed with the idea of doing video shorts— but his are so well done, I will stick to writing. Let me describe a few of my favorites:

-He has a short video depicting his version of “trunk or treat.” He has a hidden camera set up and he gives candy to some, and takes candy away from other kids explaining to them that he is redistributing the wealth. The kids get upset, it is perfect. He tells one kid
” You didn’t build that (costume)”

-He has another (possibly the latest as if this writing) where he debunks the myth of moderate islam with facts- he has a scene where he is dressed up like a muslim man and he quotes the koran to an American woman- who slaps him – it’s great.

There is a wide selection, including one comparing Mohammad to Jesus and a satirical interview with Eric Holder.

I would like to see Mr Crowder take on two topics, essentially remake and reboot my two less professional attempts at online video- my post on the road to serfdom and my theory on Benghazi.  Link below☺


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Posted: September 12, 2014 in Conservative

The ridiculous verdict came out of South Africa on the baboon like animal who stands erect with the help of technology who killed his girlfriend in cold blood. The verdict was one not available in America: Culpable Homicide. It means he killed her, but didn’t mean to kill her. It is described similar to manslaughter, but it isn’t. Manslaughter is accidental homicide. Let me explain the difference by example. Manslaughter is the brakes fail and someone dies in the ensuing car accident. If Ray Rice had hit his girlfriend a little harder and she had died, he just meant to knock her out and put her in her place but she was weak (he might say, ) that is culpable homicide. The baboon meant to shoot someone else on the toilet, an intruder maybe, not his girlfriend.

Maybe if we can’t impeach Obama, we can convict him of the culpable homicide of America. He didn’t mean to destroy America. He thought he was doing the right thing. I mean, he just gave us a speech saying the islamic state was not islamic–he doesn’t know what he is saying—too much gangee or acid in college. He is a lost ball in tall weeds and in way over his head. He is not murdering America: its culpable homicide.

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The anniversary of 9-11 is the appropriate time to discuss the true meaning of forgiveness.  Warning: My source of truth is not Allah, Justin Bieber or Barack Obama. My source of truth is Jesus Christ and his word in the Bible.  Atheist friends please keep reading, because it is written in Romans that the truth is written in our hearts—there is a natural law. Where Allah, Obama, or Bieber get it so wrong so often logic and the playing out of history finds them out.  Consider the atheist savant Confucius who said:

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

Jesus told us in Matthew 5:39 not to resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. It brings to mind the story of the boxer turned preacher who was attacked one day, cold cocked by a mugger. He stood up and did nothing. The mugger hit him again, at which point the preacher said “I have turned the other cheek, but I have no further instructions!”  He proceeded to dispense with the mugger.  Although a humorous story, this highlights our world’s confusion about forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean being a doormat. It means not taking revenge, not returning evil for evil. It means the law of an “eye for an eye” is a journey where one digs two graves.  The preacher could have run. He could have pulled his glock and placed the man under citizen’s arrest. Self-defense isn’t revenge.

Jesus also said we should forgive our brother not just seven times, but seventy times seven. We should always forgive. It is an unburdening of self.  It is a submission to God of any thoughts of “getting even,” retribution or repayment. “I will repay, says the Lord.”

I forgive the Muslims I watched on television in Palestine dancing, singing, and cheering at the sight of the towers falling on September 11, 2001. I will not be self-seeking in that I will not seek to get even.  Although it would be relatively easy and cost effective for our nation to reign down nuclear hell on them with the push of a button, to turn the desert into a big sheet of glass with their bones encased in it like a fly in amber; I have been sinful enough to fantasize about but would never advocate revenge killing of innocents to repay for their killing of innocents.

Forgiveness isn’t forgetting.  Perhaps the confusion arises because forgiving a debt is almost exactly like forgetting the debt.  There are sometimes where they are similar linguistically, but they are entirely different. Let me give you an example. Suppose a relative borrowed $ 10,000 from you. They told you they couldn’t pay.  They go bankrupt. You forgive the debt. They ask to borrow another $ 10,000. Do you forget they wouldn’t pay back the original money and loan it to them again? Are you unforgiving or harboring a grudge if you do?  Suppose a man sexually molests your young daughter. Do you forgive him? Yes. The Lord commands it. Suppose he wants to babysit your daughter again— over your dead body, am I right?

Forgiveness isn’t forgetting. It has nothing to do with justice. If the child molester were in prison and on death row, I would still forgive him. I would visit him in prison, share the Gospel with him. I would also gladly volunteer to throw the switch on the electric chair that ends him.  That is not revenge, that is Justice. That is 1 Corinthians 13 Love- “Love always protects.”

If forgiveness was forgetting, Jesus died on the cross for nothing. He could have just forgotten our sin, but he would then not have been just. Instead he died a substitutionary death in our place, so we could be forgiven.

If we had revenge in mind in Operation Iraqi Freedom, we are the stupidest bunch of keystone cops that ever walked the earth. Revenge would have carpet bombed. Revenge would have had no trouble keeping the peace because every man under 30 would be dead or maimed. We have the resources to do that, and could have used rules of engagement to do that with fewer casualties and lower costs for ourselves. We didn’t. We were aiming to be liberators. We wanted to remove the threat.

Our village idiot president never understood. His rhetoric made it sound like we just wanted to be mean to Muslims, to take revenge, a philosophy rooted in reverse racism community organizing. He was going to hit the reset button. It looks like instead of hitting the reset button he hit the rewind button, and we are going to have to take Iraq all over again.

Never, ever forget 9-11. Forgive, but never forget.


Posted: September 9, 2014 in Conservative

I got to hear a very interesting caller on the Rush Limbaugh Show–I nominate this guy for his own show. His comments were tongue in cheek: sarcasm to make a point.

Commenting on Ray Rice, the 200 plus pound professional athlete who beat his girlfriend unconscious, he made the case that everyone was over-reacting, this was really no big deal. Equality right? I mean we have a quota of women fire fighters, police officers, in the military—and I have seen 120 lb models deck 300 lb bad guys on like every cop show. She just wasn’t tough enough. She needed to watch “Salt” or “Kill Bill” a few more times.

For the more literal people out there, the caller didn’t mean it. He was laying out the ridiculousness of liberal feminism. You know, the folks who defend islam but see microaggressions in having hurricanes and not him-ocanes.

I don’t know about you, but if a fireman has to carry my 200 lb body out of a burning building, I would rather he wasn’t half my weight.

Rush covered how the girlfriend was defending Rice, so I guess she is onboard too.

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